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FM Careers


The FM Careers module allows creation and management of job posts. The module allows for multiple companies within one instance and integrates with Indeed


  1. To create a job post:
    1. When logged in and in edit mode on the page containing the module, click the Create New Posting button
    2. Add content on each of the fields
    3. Once info is filled in, publish by clicking the “eye” button in upper left next to the “back” arrow (Note: there’s also options for enabling notifications and resume to the right of the publish and save as Draft options)
      Buttons Guide
    4. Save the post by clicking on the disk icon Save Button on the top right.
  2. To delete a job post:
    1. Open the post from the list of jobs
    2. Click the red trash can icon Delete Button
  3. To edit a job post:
    1. Open the post from the list of jobs
    2. Make edits
    3. Save changes using disk icon in upper right hand corner
  4. To manage companies:
    1. Click “Manage Company” button
    2. Modify content as needed and save
      Note: the last tab for Indeed has instructions and the feed URL to push your posts on your website to Indeed