DNN CMS Tutorials

What is DNN?

Watch the video for an overview on the DNN website platform

DNN (DotNetNuke) is a content management system (CMS) used to manage the content of many websites. It allows you to keep your site content consistent using templates and includes interactive features such as a click-and-drag function that allows you to move your content around on the page. Using DotNetNuke to maintain your website is simple. Below, we’ve provided some video tutorials on the basic functions of editing a website in DNN. If you need more, check out our customized DNN training sessions. These can be for you, your team, or anyone at your organization.

Adding an HTML Module

Learn how to add a new HTML module to a new or existing page.

Adding an Image

Learn how to upload and add an image to an HTML module in DNN9.

Pasting as Plain Text

Learn how pasting as plain text in design mode ensures no inline styles are added.

Adding Top Level Page

Learn how to add a page to the topmost level of the menu on your site.

Adding Child Page

Learn how to create a page one level below the topmost menu items.

Hyperlinking an Image

Learn how to link an image to another page, file or URL in DNN9.

Uploading and Hyperlinking a File

Learn how to upload a file and create a hyperlink to that file.

Managing Files and Folders

Learn how to manage site file folder structures for images or documents.

Creating Hyperlink Text

Learn how to link text to another page, file or URL in DNN.

Still have questions regarding how to edit your website?

Our support team is here to help. Put in a support ticket to get the process of lending you a hand started. Or get in touch with us anytime.

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