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Creating Dynamic Email Lists with LeadFormix

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Dynamic Email Lists

Use LeadFormix to Build Email Lists

Create Your Own Filters

Prior to creating a dynamic email list you will need to set up a custom filter that specifies what you are looking for. These email lists will then be added onto each time a new visitor meets your specified requirements.

Here's how to set up an automatic email list:
  1. Log in to your LeadFormix account.
  2. Under the "List Management" tab select "Email Lists".
  3. On the left side menu select "Create Mailing List'.
  4. Fill out the List Name, List Owner's Name, List Type, and Owner's Email text boxes.
  5. Select which folder you would like your list to be saved under.
  6. Click "Next".
  7. To create a dynamic email list click "Add Contacts From Custom Filters".
  8. Click "Next".
  9. Under "Type" choose "Dynamic".
  10. Select when your "Start Date" will be. The start date will determine how far back the list will pull visitors from. In most cases you will want to select the date that you started LeadFormix so you will be able to grab all past visitors that met your criteria.
  11. "Interval in Hours" determines how often the email list will be updated. Select 1 hour if you want your list to add new visitors as quickly as possible.
  12. Under "Custom Filters" select the filter that you want to build your email list from. Click on the filter name and then click on the arrow pointing right between the two boxes. You can do this for multiple filters if you wish.
  13. Select "Update Existing Records" if you want to add previous site visitors to your new email list.
  14. Click "Next" and then click "OK" when a box pops up.