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Importing Current Contact Lists Into Lead Formix

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Importing Current Contacts

When you start LeadFormix you may already have a list of current contacts that you want to put into the system. In order to do this you will need to import these contacts to an email list. Then you will be able label them, make them as leads, score them, send out emails, and much more.

Here's how to import your contact information
  1. Log in to your LeadFormix account.
  2. Under the "List Management" tab select "Email Lists".
  3. Once the screen opens select "Create Mailing List" on the left hand side.
  4. Fill out the text boxes with a List Name, Owner's Name, Owner's Email, and Folder. Click "Next".
  5. You will then be taken to a page asking to select an option to add your contacts. Choose "Import Contacts". (Note: if you only have a few contacts you can also choose "Add Contacts one-by-one".)
  6. You are now ready to upload you contact list. You need to make sure that your list is in .csv format. In order to do this, download the file that says "Click here to download the Contact List CSV Template".
  7. Open this csv file and add you contacts and information to this list in the proper format. **Do not change or reorder any of the titles**
  8. Save the csv file to your computer once you have added your contacts to it.
  9. Name your list.
  10. Under "Import CSV File" click "Choose File".
  11. Find the csv file on your computer that has your contacts in it. Click "Ok".
  12. Check the box to "Update Exisiting Records in LeadFormix with data from imported list." to ensure that your records will add match.
  13. Click Import.

You contacts will now be added to an email list that you can access under your "Manage Mailing Lists" menu. These contacts can then be used to send out email blasts, schedule drip feeds, separate as leads, and much more. Please contact slund@foremostmedia.com if you have further questions about how to use LeadFormix.