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Email Marketing

Fast, Effective and Affordable

Email Marketing is so effective and so inexpensive that an entire industry has emerged to support it. A new millennium counterpart to traditional direct mail, email marketing offers unprecedented targeting capabilities allowing you to fully customize your messages to appeal to different groups of customers for much higher response rates.

A significant proportion of consumers consider email to be a replacement for telemarketing (49%) and direct mail to their home address (45%)."
- DoubleClick
Can Your Current Email Marketing Software Do This?

Automated email campaigns, also known as "triggered campaigns" let your email marketing software automatically communicate with your clients or prospects. The automated campaign features found in our email marketing software have the potential to increase conversions and reduce your workload. What can you do with automated email? Lots of things:

Welcome Series

Our Email Marketing tool will allow you to create multiple emails to be sent over an extended period of time after a subscriber joins your list. For example, when someone opts in, you can send a welcome email on day one, another email on day five, and yet another one on day ten. This happens automatically without any action from you - just decide what to send, set the series and hit Activate! There is no set time interval, meaning you can space your emails out anyway you like. The best time to engage a new subscriber is immediately after they've opted-in to communication. They've expressed interest in your content - so send it immediately. The welcome email is an opportunity to remind them of what they'll be receiving, or discuss your product or service offering.

Membership Renewal Reminders

Are you tracking the dates that memberships expire? Why not send an email prior to expiration encouraging a renewal? As long as you have an automated email campaign setup, and the expiration date is in the system, a trigger will automatically send your member an email reminder encouraging them to renew. It's an ongoing campaign that never stops unless you tell it to.

Happy Birthday

Would you like to send your customers an email on their birthday, anniversary or other important date? Maybe you want to send an email with a special coupon to celebrate the occasion? Now you can with our date-based triggers. Simply import the dates into the application and set up your email series. Your subscribers will appreciate the warm wishes!

Find Out Who Has Opened Your Emails With The Open Rate Feature

The Open Rate feature lets you know who has received your emails, who has opened them, and who hasn't.

Let Your Customers Know About Your New Product Releases

Send an email to your customers to let them know about a new product or release.

Send A Survey To Everyone Who Bought Your Product

Are your customers happy? See how things are going by creating a survey and sending it out to your contacts.

Do Your Email Marketing With Outlook

Using the EasyCaste feature you can get most of your work done in Outlook, and then send email from within our email marketing software.

Create A Seamless Donations Page To Get Online Donations

Our software integrates with your website so non-profits can set up a secure donations page.

Target Different Emails To Different Groups

Customers, clients, vendors, staff, and partners can receive a slightly different version of your email.

Insert A Personalized Name In Each Email

"Dear Jane" is far more effective then "Dear Customer".

Send A Webpage Without A Screen Grabber Function

You can use our URL grabber to send a complete webpage to your email subscribers.

Schedule An Email To Go Out While You're On The Beach

The scheduling function can run while you're out of the office.

Get A Template That Fits Your Image

We give you a free branded template and offer a number of pre-created templates you can use to match your branding.

The Top 4 Advantages of Email Marketing:
  • Unmatched customer targeting and tracking capability
  • Lowest cost per unit of any advertising medium
  • Creates ongoing awareness of your brand and offerings
  • Drives traffic to your site or physical business locations

Staying in regular contact with your customers is one of the best ways to remind them that you still exist and appreciate their business. Regular newsletters, promotions and announcements will keep your business fresh in their minds, and they'll appreciate the personalization and relevant information you're sending them.

With our easy-to-use wizard, more than 100 eye-catching email templates, list management features, email tracking and reporting, and high deliverability, our full service email marketing solution makes it easy for you to communicate with your customers and visitors - and keep them coming back!

Create powerful email campaigns
  • More than 100 professional HTML email templates
  • Easy-to-use Email Campaign Wizard
  • Add your content and images with our simple Email Campaign Wizard
  • Choose who should receive your email campaigns and when to send them
  • No technical skills necessary
  • Advanced features for professionals

Get your emails delivered
  • Sending text and HTML emails
  • Automatic formatting ensures your emails look professional - wherever they arrive!
  • ISP relationships optimize email delivery
  • Anti-spam practices
  • Industry leadership and compliance

Build and manage your email lists
  • Easy import of existing email addresses or lists from MS Excel, MS Outlook, MS Outlook Express, Notebook, Act! and more
  • Visitor signup for your website
  • Monitor new signups with optional email notices
  • Manage subscribers in an unlimited number of email lists
  • View and manage email bounces
  • Easily update subscriber information
  • View subscriber behavior by campaign
  • Manage email list permissions and email unsubscribes
  • Quickly search your email list

Track email campaign results
  • Provides real time email tracking
  • How many emails were delivered and opened
  • Who opened each email and who clicked through
  • Which links generate the most clicks
  • Subscriber reports
  • See how your most recent three campaigns compare
  • Always up-to-date on the latest legal requirements and technical solutions available for email marketing.