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Email Marketing

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Fast, Effective and Affordable

Email marketing is so effective and inexpensive that an entire industry has emerged to support it. Email marketing still stands the test of time. Staying in regular contact with customers is one of the best ways to remind the market that you still exist, build trust and show that you appreciate their business.

Top 5 Advantages

1. Track customers and prospects
2. the lowest cost per unit marketing channel
3. Increase awareness of brand and offerings
4. Drive traffic to your site and physical business
5. Encourage and engage customers in conversation

With our easy-to-use software, more than 100 eye-catching email templates, contact list management tools, real-time email reporting, and high deliverability, this full-service email marketing solution makes it easy for you to communicate with your customers and visitors – get them, keep them and grow them!

Sending regular newsletters, promotions and company announcements is one of the best ways to gain your prospect's “top of mind” real-estate. Email marketing software comes equipped with the tools and capabilities to easily create, schedule, send and automate processes that take email marketing to the next level.

Is Your Current Email Marketing Software Automated?

Automated email campaigns, also known as "triggered campaigns" let your email marketing software automatically communicate with your clients or prospects. The automated campaign features found in our email marketing software have the potential to increase conversions and reduce your workload. What can you do with automated email?

Automation in Action

Automated email marketing in action means delivering automated, one-to-on messages based on customer rules per your request.

Welcome Series

Our Email Marketing tool will allow you to create multiple emails to be sent over an extended period of time after a subscriber joins your list. For example, when someone opts in, you can send a welcome email on day one, another email on day five, and yet another one on day ten. This happens automatically without any action from you - just decide what to send, set the series and hit Activate! There is no set time interval, meaning you can space your emails out anyway you like.

The best time to engage a new subscriber is immediately after they've opted-in to communication. They've expressed interest in your content - so send it immediately. The welcome email is an opportunity to remind them of what they'll be receiving, or discuss your product or service offering.

Membership Renewal Reminders

Are you tracking the dates that memberships expire? Why not send an email prior to expiration encouraging a renewal? If you have an automated email campaign setup, and the expiration date is in the system, a trigger will automatically send your member an email reminder encouraging them to renew. It's an ongoing campaign that never stops unless you tell it to.

Event Reminders

Are you promoting, or hosting an event? Create an email that encourages your customers to register for the event. Then, automatically schedule a series of reminder emails for your attendees. Automating emails for events is an excellent way to increase awareness and impact the overall attendance of your event – all while saving time and money.

Happy Birthday

Would you like to send your customers an email on their birthday, anniversary or other important date? Maybe you want to send an email with a special coupon to celebrate the occasion? Now you can with our date-based triggers. Simply import the dates into the application and set up your email series. Your subscribers will appreciate the warm wishes!

Triggered Campaigns

Automatically send emails to users based on an interaction they have with you and your business. Different actions may include visiting a web page, opening an email, clicking on a link, or fills out a form. Reaching out to visitors after they have expressed interest in a specific area is a surefire way to keep the message relevant and timely.

Can Your Email Marketing Software Do This?
Send Dynamic Content

Customers, clients, vendors, staff, and partners can receive a slightly different version of your email. Email content may vary depending on who you’re sending the message to. With our software, you can set rules for dynamic content, so you only have to send one message that will automatically be tailored to your receiver.

Insert A Personalized Name in Each Email

Our research shows that personalized emails get higher open rates. Personalizing your subject line or greeting with the receivers first name gives an extra touch for a personable conversation. "Dear Jane" is going to be far more effective than "Dear Customer.”

Send Emails When You're Away from Your Desk

Know you’re going to be out of the office? With the scheduling feature, you can continue to send emails - even when you’re away from your computer.

Trigger Email Sends

With this email software, you can set up trigger emails to be sent when prospects perform a specific desired action, such as filling out a form or registering for an event. Triggered emails have higher open and clickthrough rates, because you’re sending relative and timely content based on a prospect's actions.

Ensure Consistent Email Deliverability

Evaluate your compliance with anti-spam regulations. Every internet provider screens and filters incoming emails at some level. Make sure that your emails comply with the latest industry standards, so your emails make it to the inbox every time.

Provide You with A Branded Email Template

We give you a free branded template and offer a number of pre-created templates you can use to match your branding, so those on the other end of the email can recognize it’s you every time.

Create Responsive Emails

Create emails with responsive messages that adapt to desktops, smartphones and tablets. You can test your messages before sending them out using the testing tool, or preview tools to make sure your email looks great every time.

Build Powerful Email Campaigns

Choose from over 100 professional email templates, or design your own branded email template. You can personalize email sends with your own photos, media and content. Building captivating emails does not require HTML coding, however, advanced features are available for experienced users.

Manage Contact Lists

Managing your email list is one of the most important practices when it comes to effective email delivery. With our email software you can create, adapt, amend, segment and deploy your marketing lists with ease. Go beyond traditional demographic segmentation and segment lists based on behaviors like website visits, previous email interactions and form submissions.

Integrate with Your CRM

Seamlessly integrate your CRM with this email software. Integrate your contacts from Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Netsuite, and more! This not only allows you to further manage your contact list, but gives you the opportunity to build out your prospects and customers profiles based on your own segmentation rules.

Run A/B Tests

Discover which email sends are most effective when it comes to click rates and conversions by A/B testing your emails. A/B testing allows you to test different subject lines, images, and call-to-actions to find out what elements drive the best results.

Track Your Results

Track the impact of your email sends. Quickly gain insight from your email campaign results by using the dashboard reporting tool. Analyze high-level analytics from opens and click metrics, to detailed page visits and prospect funnel reports. Instantly track all email results, know who opened your email and discover where your prospects go after they hit open.