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Paid Search Marketing

On Average, Americans spend 14 Hours every Week online searching Sites voluntarily. That means your ads are being put in front of potential customers that are actively searching for your products or services!

How It Works
Create Your Ads

We will assist you in creating ads that are built to show potential customers that you have the products or services that they need.

Your Ads Will Appear On Google
  1. A potential customer enters a keyword or search term into Google.
  2. That keyword is associated with your Google AdWords Campaign.
  3. Your ads appear in the search results.
It Is That Easy!

Keyword: /ke,werd/ Noun: The word(s) people type into a search engine to search for information on that subject.

Target Your Service Area
Local and Regional Targeting

Don't waste money and time advertising to those too far away. Foremost Media will set up a custom service area for your ads so they only appear to those who are within reach of you and your business.


You will be competing against other companies that offer goods or services like yours. You will bid a certain amount on each click, and just like any other auction, to the highest bidder go the spoils. The more popular a keyword, the more expensive it will be because more people will bid on it.


We work with you to identify the keywords you want your ads to appear next to when people search for them. For example, if you sell bananas, we want your ads to appear when someone searches for bananas. Pretty simple!

Achieve Your Sales Goals

helping you achieve your sales goals by:

  • Finding the right keywords for your business
  • Setting up your account
  • Setting up your budget
  • Creating your ads
  • Managing your campaign
  • Giving you monthly reports

Make sense? If not, please contact our search engine experts, they will be glad to answer any questions.

Learn More
Reach More Customers
Expand Your Reach

With hundreds of thousands of high-quality websites, news pages, and blogs that partner with Google to display AdWords ads, the Google Display Network can reach potential customers all over the web to help you drive potential customers into repeat customers.

Price & Budget
You Choose Your Cost

You set your daily/monthly budget, and Foremost Media will make sure you NEVER exceed that budget.

Google Adwords Package
Search Engine Marketing

The hardest part of advertising your business is making sense of all the different advertising methods available. You can put up a billboard for a lot of exposure, but are you reaching the market that your products or services are built for? You could put an ad in a newspaper or magazine, but who is to say people even read those ads anymore?