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Conversion Rate Optimization


What is CRO?

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the future of web design. The real focus of CRO is getting the most out of your current site traffic. Many of you are familiar with search engine optimization, which is geared toward driving traffic to your site. CRO takes your traffic one step further by engaging visitors with the content on your site, whether it be filling out a form or making a purchase, CRO motivates site visitors to action.


What To Test

Identify pages that are not performing well and determine which elements of the page you would like to test. We use the PIE Framework to prioritize the element you should be testing. Weigh each of the three criteria on a scale of 1 to 10: Potential of the page, Importance of the page, and Ease of making this change. Then, average the three scores to determine which test should be performed next.


How We Test

Once we have determined what to test, A/B testing software will automatically run a test for the element being tested. For example, if we want to test the conversion rate of a call to action with white versus green text, the software will show one visitor the white version and the next visitor the green version. When the test is run over 1,000 visitors, it can give us insight into which text color generated the most conversions.


Future Of Web Design

Conversion rate optimization is going to change the future of web design. Designing websites based on theory is a thing of the past. Because we can test different elements on your site, CRO allows us to optimize website design based on data that proves what works and what doesn’t. Instead of redesigning your website every three to four years, CRO will allow us to make strategic improvements to the site, ultimately prolonging the lifetime of your site.


Specific Example

We wanted to test the conversion rate of a call to action button on our own site. So, we ran an A/B test where half of the visitors saw the original button and the other half saw the button with a border around it. By adding a simple border to the call to action button, it outperformed the original design by 600%.

Want to Improve Your Conversions?

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Visitor Traffic and Conversion Rate have a direct impact on your revenue.

Use the conversion calculator below to see how even small increases in conversions or visitor traffic can affect the amount of revenue your website delivers.

Step 1:

Enter the current number of visitors to your site.
Enter the percentage of conversions on your website.
Enter the average value of a conversion.
The two form fields labeled “number of conversions on website” and “website revenue” fill in automatically.

Step 2:

Enter percentage of visitors to website and/or enter percentage of visitor conversions.

Step 3:

Once you enter percentages in step 2, watch the form fields in step 3 automatically fill in the results.


Enter your current website statistics in the fields below.

Number of visitors to website:
Percentage of conversions on website:
Number of conversions on website:
Average value of a conversion:
Website revenue:

Enter percentage increases for conversion and/or visitors to find out how they will impact your bottom line.

Increase Percentage of Visitors to Website:

Increase Percentage of Visitor Conversions:


Results of increased visitors and/or conversions.

Number of visitors to website:
Percentage of conversions on website:
Number of conversions on website:
Average value of a conversion:
Website revenue:

Increase in Website Revenue:


Want to Improve Your Conversions?

A successful conversation rate optimization strategy relies on more than just a set of tools. It relies on trained eyes that can evaluate the data provided, and are creative enough to develop the messaging and visual elements with the data retrieved.

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