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Jon Ballard: Founder, CEO

Every success story has a modest beginning, and Foremost Media is no different. The evolution from small basement startup to world-class digital marketing agency didn’t happen overnight; it’s been a process two decades in the making. Thanks to hard work, determination, and a shared vision, Jon Ballard and Andy Walker have built their humble business into a digital powerhouse. They are the epitome of leadership.

Jon BallardJon is a Wisconsin native and serial entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in finance, sales, marketing, and human resources. As a certified internet marketing consultant and a stalwart advocate for innovative online marketing strategies, Jon has dedicated his career to enhancing the digital footprint of businesses across the globe.

Every step in Jon’s entrepreneurial journey has served as a building block toward digital marketing success. His first venture, as a restaurant owner, convinced him that the internet held the power to transform business outreach. Inspired by emerging trends in digital marketing technology, he taught himself how to design and develop websites. Jon left the restaurant business behind to establish Foremost Media. Twenty years later, the digital marketing agency has earned a reputation as thought leaders in the online marketing industry.

Jon is a father of three and has been happily married to his wife Shelly for over 25 years. He is active in the community, serving on the board of his local chamber and various nonprofits, and coaching youth sports teams. He’s still an entrepreneur at heart, investing in short-term rental properties. In 2023, Jon published his first book, The Ultimate Vacation Rental Handbook — a guide for like-minded individuals with a DIY spirit and a thirst for success. Jon is a sought-after speaker, regularly sharing his expertise at conferences and seminars nationwide, where he aims to inspire others with insights into digital marketing’s dynamic landscape.