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Advanced Solutions for Manufacturing Websites

In this video, Jon and Evan discuss how Foremost Media's experimented with a simple yet effective tweak on their website.  We break down the results and showcase the power of conversion rate optimization. In short, by updating a call-to-action button with just a border, we achieved a 600% increase in user engagement, leading to a significant rise in contact form submissions. This case study highlights not just the impact of minor changes on conversions but also the potential for manufacturing clients to leverage similar strategies. Through continuous improvements and data-driven decisions, businesses can enhance their online presence, boost lead generation, and ultimately increase revenue. Foremost Media is excited to share these insights and techniques to help manufacturing companies optimize their websites for better performance and results.


  • 0:00 Overview
  • 0:29 Example
  • 0:48 Results
  • 1:03 Increase in form submissions
  • 1:23 Potential improvements to your site
  • 1:47 Summary
  • 1:55 Summary


Jon 00:00
So let's talk about a specific example on the Foremost Media website. Foremost Media does a lot of web design for manufacturing companies. It's just one of our niches. And there's a page on our website that talks about our Foremost Media gallery of work, which is probably where most of you have gone if you want to vet a company, you want to see what kind of work they do. It's probably our number one page. On that page, we had a button that calls the action to leave people to learn more about the capabilities we had for manufacturing. And we decided to test that. Evan, so kind of talk through the results we got on that.

Evan 00:29
Right, we noticed that we weren't really getting the click through that we expected to have on that page because it's offering the advanced solutions for manufacturing companies. And we wanted to make sure that we were getting the click through rates. So what we decided to do was test the button, right, to have it actually look more like a button than what it was just by placing a simple border around it.

Evan 00:48
And by placing that border around it, since we've created that, it was actually ran that A-B test where half of our visitors are receiving the original and the other half are receiving the variation that we created. And so far, it's been outperforming the original by over 600%.

Jon 01:03
It's real life proof. And when we get to people on that page, typically the next step is to fill out the contact form. So in result, we've seen contact form fields go up, which is great. It drives business. It's real dollars to our website by just a minor change. It wasn't real expensive to make that change. It's simply putting a border around the button that wasn't there before.

Jon 01:23
So think about this in terms of your e -commerce site. You know, maybe displaying estimated shipping. There's some things you could do for best practices that we could actually test that are data -driven, you know, putting the add to card button in a different place more prominently. All those things can make real minor impacts on your website in terms of conversion, but minor impacts of 2, 3, 4% over the course of a website can really add up to real dollars for your company when you got a lot of visitors coming to the site.

Evan 01:47
And when you're constantly doing that, you're constantly improving. That's when it gets really exciting.

Jon 01:50
So we'd love to talk to you about how we can implement this on your website. We're really excited about it. It's something that really can move the needle in terms of revenue and really make you look like a hero with your boss.