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CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)


  • 0:00 Intro
  • 0:15 SEO vs CRO
  • 0:29 Increasing Conversions


Jon 00:00
Hey everyone, Jon Ballard and Evan Facinger here from Foremost Media. We're excited today to talk to you about something that we think is really kind of the future of web design where it's going, conversion rate optimization. CRO. Evan, tell us a little bit about CRO and why it's so exciting.

Evan 00:15
Well, so much attention has been paid with your website development for search engine optimization. Trying to get traffic to your website. Conversion rate optimization's real focus is trying to get the most out of your website with the current traffic that you have.

Jon 00:29
Right, so what we're saying is we've spent a lot of years with our customers getting good traffic there. We've done a little bit with helping people get better conversions and stuff, but there's some new technology out there that really can help you increase traffic. So if you've got hundreds of people coming to your website now and you're getting a 2% increase in their conversion rate where they're actually filling out a form or buying something on your website, we're saying what's it look like if you double that number to 4 %? That's a small increase, but 2% more are engaging with your website. So that's really what conversion rate optimization is about.