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Test Proven, Data Driven


  • 0:00 Overview
  • 0:29 Test and Prove, Data Driven
  • 0:45 Improvements over time
  • 0:58 Summary


Jon 00:00
So what I think what I'm most excited about is I think this fundamentally changes the way website design is going to work in the future. Instead of just redesigning a website from scratch with everybody's ideas and you know we've been in these meetings where everybody, there's different department heads and they all have their own agenda. "I want my product to be on the top of the homepage", "no I want my product", right. So what do we do? Slider. But slider not isn't necessarily the best because statistically nobody works through those you know all the way through they you know they want to understand what you do.

Jon 00:29
So perhaps an image of it just a you know overall image of what your company does or some verbiage might test better. And in the past it's been a little bit more just theory. Now we can actually test and prove that you know more people are engaging based on swapping over the Slider for more of an introductory image.

Jon 00:45
And it's data driven so you can't really argue with that. So I guess my point is fundamentally as websites develop and change I think that it's going to be instead of just redesigning your website from scratch every three or four years based on you know input. Now it's going to be continually evolving where we test things we improve them based on data driven results. Anything to add to that?

Evan 00:58
Yeah I think that instead of just relying on best practices for a website redesign you're always going to be redesigning your website at an ongoing basis because you're testing it with real data with real people and you're always improving it.