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Underperforming Pages


  • 0:00 Intro
  • 0:12 Overview
  • 0:34 Hypothesis for Imporovements
  • 1:03 Summary


Jon 00:00
So I kind of want to break this down. We've been doing this on our website for quite some time. I really wanted to talk through the process. So on the screen now you can see kind of a spreadsheet that we developed a different hypothesis for tests on our website.

Jon 00:12
And we basically came up with these based on things that we'd like to see performing better. Obviously like request for quote, we want more of those. Just like anybody wants. On e -commerce if it's you want to sell more obviously. So how to get people to buy more stuff. So identifying the pages that are underperforming or could perform better or if they did perform better would increase your sales. So we came up with this hypothesis and then what do we do Evan?

Evan 00:34
Well then we take that hypothesis and we want to say what's going to happen if we make this change. So we want to have that prediction in place and then we set it up in a pie framework. So we calculate on a scale of 1 to 10 what is the potential of this change? What is the importance of this change? And also what's the ease of use to make this change? Some changes that we want to implement to eliminate those friction points in terms of our conversion process are harder to implement than others. Even though they might have a high potential or high importance.

Evan 01:03
So we want to take those three scores and average them. And then that'll help us dictate what test we want to do next.