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SEO Copywriting Services

Most marketing professionals understand the value of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It’s a proven way to increase traffic, boost search rankings, and increase conversions and sales. You have a variety of SEO strategies at your disposal, including keyword research, on-page optimization, technical SEO, and link building. But arguably the quickest path to success begins with SEO copywriting. After all, content is king.

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What is SEO Copywriting?

In a nutshell, SEO copywriting is the art of creating content that serves two purposes: it convinces search engines like Google that your website is relevant and informative, and compels people visiting your site to stay engaged and take action. 


Successful SEO copywriting focuses on informative and engaging content that users will actually want to read. This helps your web pages rank higher in search results and improves the overall user experience — a one-two punch that can significantly boost website traffic.

Ultimately, you want website visitors to become customers. Well-written SEO copywriting can persuade users to take a desired action, such as buying a product, signing up for a newsletter, or contacting your business. It can establish you as an authority on a particular topic, enhancing your brand image and trustworthiness. 

What’s not to love about all that?


The Essential Elements of SEO Copywriting

Like all forms of content creation, SEO copywriting is part art, part science. If you want your content to rank high in search results, you’ll need to focus on the following key elements:


  • Keywords: These are the search terms people use to find information online. Keyword research is the first step in SEO copywriting: you need to find keywords that are relevant to your business and target audience and strategically include them throughout your content. The trick is to do so naturally so your content reads smoothly, rather than stuffing them in there unnaturally. Keyword research tools like Semrush can help you find relevant terms for optimizing your content.
  • Headings: Headings break up your text and are the first things visitors see when they click on a web page. They should be clear, concise, and incorporate relevant keywords. Use header tags (H1, H2, and H3) to break up your content into manageable sections; this also helps search engines understand your page structure. 
  • Content: This is the heart of your SEO copywriting. Content should be well-written, informative, and provide value. Focus on using clear and concise language, structuring your content for readability, and solving the user’s search query. Avoid long paragraphs and excessive keyword usage; elements like bulleted lists (as we’ve done here) and visuals improve the UX.
  • Internal Links: Strategically linking to internal pages within your content helps search engines understand the structure of your website and the relationships between different pages. It also helps users navigate your site and find additional information. Make sure your links are relevant to your anchor text (the visible, clickable text in your hyperlink). 
  • Meta Descriptions: These are the featured snippets that appear under your website listing in search results. Don’t neglect meta descriptions; focus on creating compelling blurbs that accurately reflect your content while once again incorporating relevant


How to Create Compelling SEO Content


When SEO copywriting was in its infancy, marketers often crammed as many keywords as possible into their copy, with little regard for readability. Please don’t do this. It’s known as keyword stuffing, and can actually harm your SEO efforts instead of helping them. 

Instead, focus on writing for human readers rather than search engines. Your content should flow naturally so it’s easy for your audience to understand. Avoid industry jargon and complex terminology, and add keywords only where they fit naturally.

The rise of AI presents another cautionary tale. The temptation to rely on AI-generated copy is strong, but in our experience, AI is best utilized as a starting point if you’re unsure where to begin. It can provide a decent framework, but AI-generated content lacks creativity and human emotion. Its “just the facts, ma’am” approach often comes across as cold and informal and won’t do much to boost engagement. 


People connect with stories. Incorporate storytelling into your SEO copywriting by including anecdotes, case studies, and real-life examples. This helps illustrate your point and makes your content relatable and engaging. Use descriptive language and vivid imagery to evoke emotion and create an immersive and memorable experience for your readers. Good storytelling is more likely to be shared across social platforms, giving your content an SEO boost. Which is pretty much the entire point!


Foremost SEO Copywriting Services


SEO copywriting is an integral component of any online optimization strategy. It’s the best way to ensure your pages rank in search results, allowing more potential customers to find you. 

Not all businesses have the capacity for a dedicated content writer or team. Foremost Media can help with your SEO copywriting needs! Our talented team of individuals has experience creating compelling copy for hundreds of websites — and proven results. Contact us today for a free quote!