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The Importance of Technical SEO

Technical SEO is vital to the success of your website, and we can’t emphasis that enough. Think of it as the spine of your website; without it, your website is just a bunch of fluff and mush that won’t stand up to a good or even a mediocre search engine. You can build your own website, but if no one visits it, or if they don’t spend enough time on it to buy something or get acquainted with your business, it’s like a crack in the concrete that people quickly step over to go somewhere else. At Foremost Media, we recognize the importance of technical SEO. So, whether you are setting up a website on your own, or if you want one set up for you, go to a professional to either review it or build it.

It all adds up

Think of it this way, if you are selling Girl Scout cookies, you are perfectly capable of using a calculator and adding up the boxes and the money. If you are selling thousands of boxes a week, ordering them, storing them, getting them to distributors, paying the distributors, paying rent on a building, paying taxes, paying utilities, you’re going to need a professional accounting service not just a calculator. Foremost is your professional service. We can streamline the code, optimize for mobile, get rid of duplicate content and speed up your load time.

Let’s talk a little bit about strategy and what’s most important about technical SEO.

The need for speed

On a desktop, tablet or mobile device, your site must load quickly. How fast? The answer is – as fast as you can get it. As your page load time goes up, your viewers bounce off. And statistics bear that out – loading past three seconds, you’ve lost 32% of the people who wanted to view your site; load times exceeding 5 seconds cause your bounce rate reach 90%; more than six seconds and your potential buyer is back at the search engine page looking for the next entry on the list. Google calls this “pogo-sticking.” Google dislikes pogo-sticking and punishes your site by dropping it down in the search engine results.

Now you might be thinking, "Who cares what Google thinks? There are lots of search engines!" Your personal preference may not be to use Google, but you are in the minority. Google has 93% of the search engine market, so your website needs to play nice with Google. Foremost is happy to play nice with Google if it pumps up your search engine results.

You need a responsive site

Having a responsive site is like having super customer service if you’ve got a brick and mortar site. It loads fast on a desktop, it loads fast on a tablet and it loads fast and adjusts to screen size on a mobile device. Google likes mobile device responsiveness. Google started chatting up mobile devices and responsiveness in 2015 when it announced a mobile related algorithm change and then reinforced that the next year when it announced mobile first indexing.

Mobile device surfing and buying is now more popular than desktop surfing. The office worker of yesterday that kept a surfing window open on their desktop at work has replaced that with their cell phone. Instead of opening a window on their desktop, they make a couple of taps on the phone, there’s your site, and it loads in two seconds. They already know what they want to buy, their credit card info loads up, and boom, they're done. Back to work.

Your website has to look professional on a mobile device. Image and text need to be properly sized and adjustable to fit on the screen. Visitors shouldn't have to keep flipping their device around to get a horizontal view to check a menu.

Now for the technical stuff

Your site needs crawlability. Crawlability is the amount of time the Google bots want to spend traveling around on your site. You want crawlability because more crawling moves up your site in the search engine rankings. The technical stuff is where you really need Foremost.

We can clean up the code, get rid of those extra URLs, identify duplicate content, and infinite spaces. You may have a lot of infinite space and not know it. For instance, do you have an event calendar and it goes back three years? Why? Tighten that up. We can help tweak your content so Google can successfully extract the information it needs.

For optimal search engine results, your content should be phrased in such a way to answer a question. That’s how people search or ask their voice services these days. They say or type in “where can I buy a hot pink widget?” Your site needs to “say” we sell hot pink widgets. And it needs to say it right away – not at the end of a big block of verbiage that talks about the benefits of a hot pink widget and the technical specs. You need to say that right away, and then repeat it when you get to the technical specs and repeat it again – but differently so Google doesn’t flag it as duplicate content.

Let’s recap

Google = necessary. Technical SEO = very important. Website optimized for mobile = very important. Website tweaking, dusting and cleaning = also important. Getting a professional at Foremost to review your site (or take care of this while we are building it) = also important.