Forward Janesville

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Forward Janesville, the city’s chamber of commerce, was afraid their website didn’t properly convey who they were, what they did, and how they were involved in the community. They felt a website refresh could help clear things up. We were happy to help them achieve that goal.

Growth Wheel Clarifies Message

Our first objective in redesigning Forward Janesville’s homepage was to incorporate a Growth Wheel — a new element that relied on bold, attention-grabbing visuals to make their message more clear and concise. The Growth Wheel shows how the chamber works hand-in-hand with the community to move Janesville forward.

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Updated Page Structure Offers More Information

Once the Growth Wheel was added, our next goal was to update the remaining page structure to revolve around the five Growth Wheel sections (Economic Development, Workforce & Education Assistance, Government Relations, Community Partnership, and Member Services). Clicking on any individual section brings up more detailed information on services provided. Implementing several easy-to-use 2sx modules across the site helped improve navigation and overall ease of use.

Together Moving

Janesville Forward


With the new Growth Wheel and updated page structure, Forward Janesville’s website now clearly spells out who they are and how they can help businesses in the community.

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