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Grants Office is a global full-service provider of grant resources for public and private sector organizations. They wanted to upgrade to the newest version of DNN to take advantage of improved functionality, and redesign their existing website.

DNN Upgrade Enhances Performance

Our first step was implementing the DNN upgrade for the client; this proved to be an extensive undertaking given the large number of custom modules, but fixed known bugs and issues and provided enhancements for improved performance.

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Extensive Homepage Overhaul

With the “under the hood” work complete, our next task was a complete redesign of the Grants Office website. This extensive overhaul resulted in a whole new look and feel for the site. The old red color scheme didn’t match the logo, so we switched to a shade of blue to complement and enhance their branding. Top-level navigation was added to the homepage, making it easier for visitors to find what they are looking for quickly. An improved, user-friendly layout includes upfront information about the services they provide, graphics showcasing their achievements, and links to resources such as global funding news, webcasts, and a quarterly publication. The addition of clear CTAs encourages users to take action.

Global Leader

Grants Intelligence


In addition to improved performance, the client’s new website is clean and modern, enhancing their brand and adding easy-to-find information and resources. It’s a huge step up from their previous cluttered design.

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