Lanez Custom Steel


Web Design


Lanez Custom Steel was founded in 2019 with an emphasis on custom steelwork. After shifting their focus to powder coating, they wanted to update their website; changes included creating a new logo and adding content reflecting their new business emphasis. Foremost Media was eager to help.

Bold, Colorful Designs

We wanted to make it clear to users immediately upon landing on the site that Lanez specializes in powder coating services. To do this, we utilized custom shapes in the design that resulted in a unique-looking site that includes bold, colorful designs with large, high-quality imagery to really showcase the client’s work. The new logo features a blue and white color scheme that is carried throughout the site to maintain consistent branding. Additionally, we incorporated mobile-friendly design elements to ensure usability on all devices.

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New Content Adds Value

This project also included new content creation for added value. In addition to an About Us section, we created a Services page that explained the powder coating process and its benefits. Client testimonials were added to the homepage to help establish credibility and foster trust. A gallery of images featuring before and after photos helps demonstrate the impressive transformations that powder coating provides. Finally, the addition of a few prominent CTAs encourage visitors to learn more or request a quote


Powder Coating


Lanez Custom Steel’s new website has a clean, unique look and makes it clear to the user that they specialize in powder coating services. It’s bright and eye-catching, and the new content adds important information. It’s a great looking site that both Foremost Media and the client are happy with. 

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