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Northland Door Systems, family owned and established in 1983, has grown into one of Wisconsin's most respected overhead garage door companies. They provide expertise in garage door systems, central vacuums, and loading dock equipment to South Central Wisconsin, particularly Dane and Rock Counties. Recently, they came to us to build new updated websites for not just Northland Door Systems but their sister company, Country Door Systems as well.

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Modernizing for Dual Companies

Our goal for this project was to provide a unified yet distinct online presence that effectively showcases each company and their respective specialties. We began by migrating content from their existing websites, updating their images and content to enhance visual appeal, accuracy, and user-friendliness. Utilizing WordPress and the DIVI theme, we crafted a contemporary layout used on both websites that is both optimized for user experience and visually engaging. The new design highlights their extensive range of services and products even if these aren’t eCom sites.

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What We Learned

This project underscored the importance of flexibility and adaptability in web design. By utilizing WordPress and DIVI, we could efficiently manage content updates and design tweaks, ensuring the site remains current and reflective of Northland Door Systems' evolving offerings. Additionally, balancing the dual brand identities required careful consideration of unique brand design elements and UX principles.

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The customer is happy with both new websites for Northland Door Systems and Country Door Systems. The modern design and improved functionality allow them to communicate to and with customers much more easily and great customer service is the name of the game. This update not only boosts their reputation but also sets them up for success with attracting new customers and serving existing ones more effectively.