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PhantomBio approached us for a website redesign, but the project had unique challenges. They were being purchased by Hydrofarm, an agricultural company that had stipulations prohibiting marketing their product line — indoor horticulture lighting — as a tool for growing marijuana. They recognized Foremost Media as experts in DNN platform design and wondered if we could work around these restrictions and modernize the site without getting into the weeds (pardon the pun). We were eager to prove we could!

Heavy Design Focus Emphasizes Complexity

We didn’t shy away from the product, but decided to place an emphasis on who PhantomBio is. To capitalize on their contemporary lineup, we focused heavily on design to create a modern look and feel. We incorporated elements like angled edge graphics, bold colors, and extensive use of white space.

Because of the complexity of their products, we added resources like a Lighting Terminology page with definitions of industry-specific words and phrases that customers might find useful.

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The Look & Feel of an eCommerce Site

PhantomBio wanted an eCommerce structure without the functionality, as they don’t currently sell online. To accomplish this, we developed a custom data structure and layout, focusing on more elaborate product pages with additional information and complexity.

Product copy and imagery focused on fruits, vegetables, and other agricultural-centric uses to ensure Hydrofarm’s requirements were met.

Latest Lighting

And LED Technology


PhantomBio’s new website is crisp and modern, with the look and feel of an eCommerce site. It contains detailed product information including specifications, instructions, and cut sheets, and incorporates a “Where to Buy” button that provides users with information on where they can purchase the products they’re interested in. 

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