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Badger Color’s tagline is “Coloring a Brighter Future,” but their old website wasn’t emphasizing their abilities. For a company passionate about creating custom color solutions, their website wasn’t very … well, colorful. It told their story but didn’t highlight their work. It also lacked modern design elements and was void of personality. It had been nearly 10 years since their website was launched and they knew a change was needed, but the sheer amount of work required started to feel overwhelming. That’s where we came in.  

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Showcasing Personality

Our first goal was to humanize the site by replacing stock images with lifestyle photography. Our photographer visited their facility to take photos showcasing Badger Color employees, products, and processes. Expressing brand personality triggers an emotional response in consumers and helps foster brand trust.

Improving the User Experience 

Badger Color’s website wasn’t meeting customer expectations. It incorporated outdated design elements that were at odds with modern practices. There’s a huge psychological component to web design; a site should be intuitive, practical, and easy to use. Much of the functionality users expect today was missing. We replaced the left side navigation menu with a horizontal navigation bar across the top, restructured dropdown menus to incorporate serial positioning, and added calls to action (CTAs). Finally, we structured the content vertically, creating a long flow of information that lead naturally to colorful animations near the bottom of the homepage as the user scrolls down.  

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Emphasizing Color

The original pastel color scheme on the website did little to highlight the company’s biggest selling feature: their custom color concentrates. We added bright, vibrant splashes of color against a dark background to draw the eye in and create a visually stunning “wow” factor. The addition of interactive elements engage the visitor while simultaneously demonstrating Badger Color’s capabilities. Instead of just telling visitors what Badger Color does, the bold and stunning design shows them. Animations illustrate the process of creating unique colors and effects, from start to finish, on plastic parts. 

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Since the website launched, engagement metrics have increased substantially and Badger Color’s site is a contender for several major design awards. 





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