Badger Color


When Badger Color first approached us for a website redesign it had been almost ten years since the website was built. As a company with the tagline “Coloring a Brighter Future,” the website wasn’t showcasing its abilities to visitors. They knew they needed a change, but the number of needs was starting to feel overwhelming. That’s where came in.


A high-end design that doesn’t have any function is just art. We knew we had to deliver a website that was interactive and easy to use for end-users. But that doesn’t mean a functional website can’t also be beautiful. The dark backgrounds and pops of color draw the eye in and the interactive elements engage the visitor. This all happens while telling the story of who Badger Color is and what they do.

Interactive Design

Instead of just telling visitors what Badger Color does, the design shows them. Animations show the entire process of creating unique colors and effects on plastic parts. All the way to the finished parts. Since launch, the engagement metrics have exponentially increased. It is also currently being considered for several major design awards.