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SSL Certificates for Site Security

Purchasing and setting up an SSL for your website can be a difficult process. Do it wrong, and many things including your SEO will suffer. Get it done right with our SSL experts.

Secure Socket Layer

Are you worried about your website’s security?

Foremost is here to make it easy for you. We offer several options that can help make your website more secure and protect your data. We can purchase an SSL certificate for you, install it on your site, and offer around-the-clock support if any issues arise.

Contact us today if you have any specific questions about what type of certificate will be best for your site or if you have any other questions about what an SSL certificate is!

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What is an SSL Certificate?

An SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a certificate that encrypts the data that is passed through the connections on your website. These certificates are used to protect the data that is being transmitted from the client to the website. Installing an SSL on your site doesn’t slow down your site, and it works on all modern browsers. Every hosting company now offers some sort of SSL.

Why Do I Need SSL Certificate?

There are several reasons why having an SSL certificate on your website is important, here are a few:

  • Security - SSL certificates add an extra layer of security to your site. It will help prevent hackers from stealing company or client data.
  • Trust - When users visit your website they will instantly be able to see that your site has an SSL certificate, and they will be more willing to give you their personal information.
  • Ranking - Google has recently begun using site security from SSLs as a ranking factor in their search engine. This means they are giving sites that have a certificate a ranking boost (i.e. more traffic).
  • Eliminate Warnings - Google Chrome warns all visitors to your site that your website is not secure unless you have an SSL installed. This is a deterrent to anyone looking to give you any bit of personal information.

Will My Site Look Any Different?

The only change that you'll notice on your site visually will be in the URL bar of the browser you are using. If you decide to purchase, you will also get to add the TrustLogo to your website, which will build trust and credibility with your visitors.

Which Type Of SSL Do I Need?

Extended Validation SSL Certificate

We recommend that all e-commerce sites have an Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificate. If you process credit card data online, having an EV SSL will help ensure the safety of your customers' data. Purchasing and validating an EV SSL certificate is a difficult process and in order to obtain one, you will have to verify your business and brand identity. Having an EV SSL certificate on your site will add a green bar to the URL when users visit your website and will provide an immediate sense of trust for your users, which can help increase conversion rate.

Positive SSL Certificate

We recommend Positive SSL certificates for all non e-commerce websites. Positive SSL certificates provide an increase to security, but are easier to obtain and do not require that your business be verified initially, providing less reputability than the EV SSL. Adding a Positive SSL certificate to your site is a quick way to provide an extra level of protection against hackers.

Websites that have Positive SSL certificates on their sites will have "https://" added to the URL bar and it will be listed in green. This addition will show website visitors that your site is secure and safe to work on.