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Now Is the Time To Add A SSL Certificate To Your Website

“S” is for Superman – but it’s also for Security, Sales and SEO. You need that “S” on your url address. You need it to say “HTTPS” – and Foremost Media is standing by to help you add that “S” to make your website super, secure and searchable.

Here at Foremost Media, we have been telling website owners that a secure certificate, or an extended validation certificate (EVSSL) if you have an e-commerce site, is a necessity for nearly a year now. But search engines are getting a little more pointed about showing the public that your website doesn’t have a certificate. In multiple different announcements over the past year, the team at Google has made it very clear that they plan to start warning Chrome browser users when they are about to visit or fill out information on a site without a secure certificate. The time is now to get your SSL in place site wide. Secure sites have that super S, but they also have that little padlock at the top of the page next to the url. That’s very comforting to browsers and buyers who are inundated with news every day about hackers, hijacked credit cards and stolen identities.

That “S” shows you are conscious and concerned enough to make sure your site is secure.

It tells consumers your site is authentic, that they haven’t inadvertently logged onto a website that “looks” real but is actually just set up to snare as much of their personal data as possible. And believe us, there are more and more of those sites and more and more people are thinking about that when they go onto the web.

That security certificate gives you that super “S” and that cute little padlock and it shows up on every page, constantly reminding users you went the extra mile for them. It doesn’t slow down your site, it doesn’t cause data issues, it’s just a helpful and really, really good thing to have.

Next, sales. You spent time and money getting your e-commerce site up, getting the right products on it and let’s face it, sales are nice! Why would you not want a secure site that encourages more customers to buy more things because they are assured their credit card or other payment information is absolutely safe?

And why wouldn’t you want the database of all that customer information you have set up protected?

Last, but also extremely important, don’t you want your website to show up in that all-important search engine list as being “secure?” And best of all, show up near or at the top of the search list consistently.

Let’s review, the security certificates for regular websites and the extended validation certificates for e-commerce sites protect customers, encourage them to stay longer on your website, protect your data and your website and help move you up or stay on top of SEO rankings. All good!

Let Foremost Media continue to help you make your site Super and call us today about getting your security certificate. It doesn’t take that long to set up, it will only improve your website and SEO rankings, it’s really a “no brainer” when you think about it.