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IKON Transportation Services Inc. is a nationwide logistics enterprise specializing in orchestrating transportation solutions across North America and internationally. IKON Transportation Services Inc. came to us with a multifaceted project that included creating new logos for 8 of the 10 management companies under IKON, designing individual landing pages for each of these companies, and redesigning the main IKON Transportation website, transitioning it from GoDaddy to WordPress.


Comprehensive Web Design and Development

Our primary objective was to provide IKON Transportation Services and its many management companies with a cohesive and modernized brand presence. The project began with logo design for 8 of the 10 management companies under IKON. We aimed to create distinct yet cohesive logos.

Next, we focused on landing page design and creation for each management company. These pages needed to provide detailed information about the company, service locations, and the leaders behind each company. We implemented a clean, modern design with intuitive navigation, high-quality images, and clear, concise information to enhance User Experience (UX).

The most extensive part of the project was the website redesign and development of the main IKON Transportation site. This required transitioning all of the information over from GoDaddy to WordPress while changing the design and layout. This ensured the transfer couldn’t be a one to one. Luckily, the flexibility and functionality of the WordPress CMS made this an easy enough task.


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Bulk Order Design

A unique and arguably challenging aspect of this project was the management companies. Due to the similarity of each of these companies, making 8 unique logos and 10 landing pages would mean familiarizing ourselves with 11 different companies when you include IKON themselves. Each logo had to be distinct yet cohesive, reflecting the unique identity of each management company while aligning with the overarching IKON brand. The landing pages required detailed and consistent information, intuitive navigation, and high-quality visuals to enhance the user experience. And finally, there was the main site on top of all of this which required a complete website redesign. Despite these complexities, our design team rose to the occasion and the client was thrilled with the final results.


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The comprehensive overhaul of IKON Transportation Services' digital presence has significantly enhanced their brand image and operational efficiency. The redesigned main website offers a user-friendly and feature-rich experience. By transitioning to WordPress, we’ve given IKON the tools to easily manage and update their site, ensuring they can continue to provide top-notch service to their clients. In addition, the client is thrilled to receive great-looking sites and logos for their management companies that hold the balance between unique brand identities and design symmetry. Overall, this project has reinforced IKON’s position as a leader in the transportation industry and equipped them with the digital infrastructure needed to support their ongoing growth and success.