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Rock Road Companies prides itself on quality and innovation, but their old website was mired in the past. Outdated design elements and navigation weren’t helping to instill confidence that the company was “paving tomorrow’s future today,” as their tagline states. They wanted a clean and modernized site that was visually appealing. We were up for the challenge.

Video, Photos Add Impact

Foremost Media devoted a lot of time and effort into making Rock Road Companies’ website impactful. Taking advantage of the growing popularity of videos, we created a splashy video that literally explodes on the homepage. A dark color scheme — red on black — was used to match their branding. 

To improve the user experience, we reorganized the content so the layout was more intuitive. Rock Road Companies had a lot of great existing images; we used a slider to better showcase these.

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Timeline Tells Their Story

One of the issues facing Rock Road Companies was a lack of identity. To address this, we implemented a custom script with a timeline feature that focused on the company history. We avoided anything complicated, sticking to brief paragraphs that summed up major milestones over the years. The vivid contrasting colors draw the line in, while old photos drive home the point that Rock Road Companies has been in business for over a century. 

We added a news feature to the homepage to help establish relevance, with both current and archived articles available. 

Finally, we built out the careers section at the request of the client, who wanted to make it easier to attract new hires. Candidates can now search current job openings and easily apply online. 

Quality, Innovative, Professional

Asphalt Paving


Rock Road Companies’ redesigned website gave them the more appealing modern look and feel they wanted. Enhanced features and a user-friendly interface encourage users to explore the site, and help the company stand out. 

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