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McNeal Enterprises was dissatisfied with their old website. It had an outdated ‘90s style, lacked clear Calls to Action (CTAs), and the page structure was very busy. The three-column web design was content-heavy, making it difficult for customers to find the information they were looking for. Furthermore, the homepage featured an Adobe Flash player — a technology that was no longer supported. A redesign was long overdue, and we were happy to help!

Fresh Logo Design

Before even beginning the design stage, our first step involved creating a fresh new logo. We replaced the boxy, shadowed “ME” with a more straightforward “McNeal” that included the tagline “Plastic Contract Manufacturing”  and artwork emphasizing Quality, Price, and Delivery — three tenets of their mission statement.

Modernization & Improved Page Structure

The next order of business was modernizing the site with a crisp, clean design based on the new logo. We reworked the homepage content and focused on creating better page structure and clear and concise CTAs. We reduced the clutter, consolidated the header, and added a “Request for Quote” button across the top that is impossible to miss. Names were updated to reflect modern terminology and improve the sitemap (e.g., “Profile” was changed to “About Us” and “Capabilities” became “Services”).

Have a Project?

Scrolling through our portfolio is a great way to get some ideas. But an even better way is to chat with us one-on-one. 

Additions Improve User Experience

Other additions to the site included a slider with logos of the companies McNeal Enterprises does business with to build up industry credibility, a “Join Our Team” button, a “Subscribe to Newsletter” button, and a testimonials section. We also cleaned up the footer and got rid of the Flash player, emphasizing larger photos of McNeal’s products and services.

Custom Plastic

Machining Solutions


McNeal’s new website is clean and modern and features consolidated pages and clear CTAs. Customers are now able to find the information they are looking for quickly and easily.

If you’d like a more modern design for your website and/or wish to update your logo, contact us today for a free quote! 





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