Mec Outdoors Truck & Trailer Graphics


MEC Outdoors (Mayville Engineering Company) manufactures shotshell reloaders from their factory in Mayville, Wisconsin. They were in need of truck and trailer graphics and asked Foremost Media for design help.

Vehicle Wrap with Design Iterations

The client wanted graphics to serve as a marketing tool for tradeshows and other events. While primarily intended for use as a vehicle wrap for a pickup truck and enclosed trailer used to haul clay target machines to demos and sporting events, they requested several design iterations for possible use in other applications.  

Focus on Shooting Sports Drives Brand Recognition

We created a design that aligned with the client’s branding and focused on their shooting sports products. Different variations that could be adapted to large-scale applications were designed to help drive brand recognition.


MEC Outdoors was pleased with the designs and utilized the vehicle wrap for a wide range of events. 

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