MEC Shooting Sports Brochure


MEC Outdoors (Mayville Engineering Company) manufactures shotshell reloaders from their factory in Mayville, Wisconsin. They wanted a full-color product catalog and turned to Foremost Media for help in the design. 

Updated Branding & Product Showcase

The client recently updated their branding and wanted a full-color catalog that reflected this change while showcasing their products 

Professional Photos Add Visual Appeal

We worked closely with the MEC Outdoors marketing team to design a catalog that met their needs. The end result was an updated modern catalog saddle stitched with premium print materials and paper on an offset press. A detailed company history tells the story of this 65 year-old company and professionally staged color photos of their products, employees, and customers attractively show off their capabilities.


MEC Outdoors’ new catalog is a modern, eye-catching brochure that contains detailed company and product and accessory  information, as well as a service dealer map and outdoors apparel page. The client is very happy with the finished product and now has a great new marketing and sales tool at their disposal.

Have you recently updated your branding and are in need of new collateral such as a product catalog, we can design a brochure that showcases your products to prospective and current customers. Contact us today for a free quote!