Red Devil Inc

Web Design


Red Devil’s old website was in serious need of modernization. Products listed on pages didn’t have high quality images and the site lacked search functionality. They approached us for an update and we got right to work.

Improved Search Functionality

Our focus was making improvements to the product catalog and search features on Red Devil’s site. This extensive undertaking required a custom product implementation that expanded on our standard offering. Instead of a homepage devoted to company history, we put their products first and foremost and improved functionality of the search features. We added the ability to filter by size and color, beefed up product descriptions by highlighting key features, and included more robust product information and additional documentation. 

Better Navigation Through Consolidation

To reduce clutter and make searches more intuitive, we moved product categories from a left-hand navigation menu to drop-down menu in the header and consolidated many pages. We added a slideshow on the homepage that included large, colorful images of some of Red Devil’s most popular products.

Have a Project?

Scrolling through our portfolio is a great way to get some ideas. But an even better way is to chat with us one-on-one. 

Custom Product Tool

We built a custom tool for Red Devil that allows the customer to narrow their search for the right product for their specific needs. The “Specialty Development Projects” page helps customers fill product line gaps, enter new markets, and find products custom designed to meet their desired performance properties.

Innovative Products

With Worldwide Demand


Red Devil’s new website features a modern design and easy navigability. Products are easier to find, and a custom search tool allows customers to find products perfectly suited to very specific jobs. 

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