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American Defense Mfg. has earned a reputation for intentionally superior products — but their old website did nothing to convey that. With a complicated navigation system and cumbersome eCommerce platform, customers had difficulty finding the information they were looking for and placing orders. ADM knew they were losing out on potential customers and decided it was time to update their website. 

User Stories Enhance Understanding

With a goal toward improving the User Experience, the Foremost development team analyzed all available analytics, identifying bottlenecks and opportunities. We created user stories to help us focus on ADM customers’ needs and how they related to the various products ADM offers for sale online. 

To complement this data, we took a visual approach to the redesign, incorporating impactful imagery that better represented the ADM product lineup. We added text descriptions to help visitors easily and quickly find the information most relevant to them. 

This approach puts the most common options up front so the customer doesn’t have to wait for slider images to cycle through. This allows the visitor to find what they came for quickly, whether they’re searching for rifles, pistols, or accessories. Once there, they can browse and compare the available products. It’s a much more efficient way of navigating the website and makes the purchasing process effortless.

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Faceted Search Improves Discoverability

The key to success for any eCommerce website, especially ADM’s, is providing visitors with the ability to search for and filter products based on specific criteria. Known as faceted search, this technique allows users to narrow down search results by choosing specific product and content features. 

We added a faceted search feature to ADM’s website to ensure customers are able to find what they are looking for quickly and easily. It’s a more practical way of navigating a website and improves product discoverability while enhancing the customer experience. It can also boost conversion rates given that fewer than half of all eCommerce sites use this type of guided navigation.



Focus Includes Mobile Shoppers

Improving the desktop view wasn’t our only focus during the redesign. Mobile visitors expect a seamless experience when shopping, too. This isn’t always easy to accomplish, considering the reduced screen size and complex product data. But with proper positioning, making buttons easy to click, and making the checkout process as smooth as possible, we were able to create a frictionless mobile experience for AMD’s end users. 


With the launch of AMD’s redesigned website, visitors are now able to search for, and purchase, products effortlessly. Navigation is intuitive, and high quality imagery spotlights the company’s impressive product lineup. 





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