Tall Trees Development

Web Design


Rock Road Companies wanted to create a single-page website to market and sell residential lots under their real estate division. They had a name for the new company — Tall Trees Development — but no logo or website, and reached out to Foremost Media for help.

Client Provides Direction

Our first objective was to create a logo, and then design and develop the website around that. The client provided context in what they were looking for, as well as a link to a similar site they liked; our development team used these as a guide in building out their site. All images and content were supplied by the client, as well as a series of videos Foremost Media spliced together to create a “hero” video that takes viewers on a tour of the new subdivision.

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Single-Page, Image-Heavy

Based on close collaboration with the client, we designed a single-page website heavy on images to showcase each available lot, as well as a satellite view and site layout of the subdivision.

Tall Trees



The new website is pretty simple and straightforward, yet eye-catching. Visitors have easy access to all the information they need without having to navigate through multiple pages. A static “Contact Us” button in contrasting colors makes it clear to prospective buyers how to obtain more information.

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