Vogel Law Firm, Ltd.

Web Design


Despite receiving a prestigious AV Preeminent® rating from other lawyers and judges — an indication of  professional excellence — nothing about Vogel Law Firm’s website indicated “quality.” It was instead mired in the past, with an old-school look built upon a basic template design featuring a three-column layout and drab color scheme. They were ready for a refresh, and we were up to the challenge!

Newest DNN Platform Improves Security

Vogel Law Firm’s old site was designed on a much older DNN platform. Updating to the current version provided better security and a more user-friendly interface. Foremost’s development team didn’t just focus on making the site easier for Vogel’s clients to navigate; we knew it was just as important for internal users to manage the site more easily, so admin areas were condensed into smaller buckets to streamline navigation.

Have a Project?

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Emphasizing Awards & Testimonials

Vogel’s old website was very content-heavy. While information is important, too much can be overwhelming. We added a colorful image of their professional conference room to the top of the homepage and replaced the three-column layout with a single column of text. We wanted to showcase the firm’s awards, so we created colorful graphics touting their achievements and placed those right beneath the header photo. And because word of mouth is the most impactful way for a law firm to land new clients, we created a slider and placed customer testimonials front and center. Together, these additions go a long way toward establishing authority and trustworthiness.

Optimizing Content Placement

The client was happy with their existing content, but some of the placement wasn’t ideal for site visitors. Foremost conducted keyword research to optimize the content and arranged it in a more logical layout. Finally, we moved the blog from the footer to the header, making it much easier to find.


Legal Service


Vogel’s new website is visually appealing, more user-friendly, and offers improved security. It showcases the firm’s awards and positive client feedback, and information is much easier to find.

If your website is outdated and built upon an old-school template, we can help you modernize its look and functionality. Contact us today for a free quote!