Waukesha Foundry


Web Design


Waukesha Foundry manufactures intricately shaped cast components for use in the aerospace, defense, petrochemical, industrial equipment, and food processing industries. They wanted an updated website with custom design features and approached Foremost Media for help.

Redesign Emphasizes Technology & Innovation

Waukesha Foundry’s old website was pretty bland and lacked functionality. To better reflect the client’s commitment to innovation and technology, we placed a heavy emphasis on redesign and made extensive changes. We updated their logo, added high-quality looping videos that showcased their capabilities in interesting ways (a jet fighter doing a barrel roll, a tank, an assembly line), and moved their navigation menu from the side to the top for a more modern look and feel.

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Heavy Focus on Customization Improves User Experience

Replacing the previous block of static text dominating the homepage with custom scrolling functionality added visual interest and better engagement for users. Another big addition was a custom product configurator that allowed users to filter searches for specific alloys and their statistics


Tooling Industry


By relying less on capabilities and shifting the focus of the homepage content toward sectors served, Waukesha Foundry is better positioned to attract customers based on their search patterns. The new site is much more dynamic and better reflects their cutting-edge products and technology.

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