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Grow Your Bottom Line With Conversion Rate Optimization

Spending resources on a website design is only half of the battle when it comes to the growing your business online. The real ROI from your site comes down to two things: Traffic: number of visitors on your site Actions: what people are doing once they get to your site Your business may have a great looking site. However, if you don’t have traffic or can’t convert visitors, it isn’t contributing to your bottom line. Website traffic and conversions really go hand in hand. The better you are at converting visitors, whether it’s making a purchase, requesting a quote, or signing up for a mailing list, the more traffic you can afford, and the more customers you can get. Traffic is a matter of search engine optimization (SEO). No one will end up on your site if they can’t find you. ...

Posted in: Conversion Rate Optimization, Inbound Marketing by Evan Facinger on July 27, 2017

Increase Sales on Your Website By Optimizing Your Internal Search

Increase Sales on Your Website By Optimizing Your Internal Search Written by Jon Ballard I find that it's easy for website owners to overlook a valuable avenue for optimization. Internal search functions are sometimes thrown on as part of a design and otherwise ignored unless there's a problem. However, looking at your website visitor logs and discovering what they're searching for can help you generate more sales. Audit Your Current Internal Search Experience Review top searches on your site and try them yourself. What comes up in the results? If you don't see anything or the results aren't relevant to the keywords, fix the problem. Otherwise, you lose website visitors due to frustration. If you see a lot of searches for a competitive brand consider a strategy to direct those searches to your alternative product. You may need to switch to a new internal search solution if your current one is unable to generate worthwhile results for your visitors. You ...

Posted in: Inbound Marketing by Rose Stricker on July 24, 2017

Show Your Story, Gain Customers: How using video can hook more customers

When you think videos on the internet, you think cats. I can’t blame you, it’s what the creators of the internet intended. But what if I told you that video could also be used for marketing on your website? What if you used video to tell a story instead of sell facts and products? Commercials are one thing, hooking the customer and keeping them is another. Video represents a huge chunk of the internet, right around 74%. YouTube itself is the second largest search engine on the internet behind Google. 76% of marketers have said that video has had a direct impact on their business. But, there is a strategy to video and I’m going to break it down by telling you about three different styles of videos. Also, I’ll give some basic “dos and don’ts” when it comes to video on a web page from a marketing standpoint. The first thing to remember is ...

Posted in: General, Online Advertising by Tyler Marifke on July 20, 2017

What Featured Snippets Mean for Your Ranking: Good for the user, bad for traffic?

What is a featured snippet?Ironically enough, “What is a featured snippet?” is answered in a featured snippet. A featured snippet is an answer, or summary of an answer, to a user’s query that appears at the top of Google’s search engine results page (SERP). It is an outlined box with the answer and a link to the source site. With the answer to your query right there, why click through to the site? This is where it is helpful to the user, but might hurt the click through rate (CTR) of the site. Studies have shown that 38% of desktop users do not click on results in their SERPs because they found the answer to their query in a featured snippet. On mobile, this number is 57%. That is a significant amount of traffic that could be on your site. One of the hardest hit categories by the featured snippet is weather related ...

Posted in: General, Search Engine Optimization by Jonathan Haines on July 18, 2017

The Complete Beginner's Guide to Marketing Automation

So, you’ve been sending mass emails to the same email list for months now. This list is beginning to dwindle down because your recipients can’t hit “opt-out” fast enough since they’ve received multiple emails from you with irrelevant content. Now what? The goal is to have those receiving your emails engage with your brand and eventually purchase from you. However, it is difficult to know if the people on the other end of that email actually want to hear from you. Even if they do, how do you track the rest of their engagement? Did they visit your website after they received your email? What pages are they looking at? What content gets prospects engaged? I am sure these are questions many of you face. You want to increase conversions and lead generation, but no one has the time to create email after email for prospects who may not even be interested in what you ...

Posted in: Marketing Automation by Hannah Schatschneider on June 22, 2017

Ransomware Attack – Windows Patch

As you may already be aware, on May 12, 2017 a new strain of the Ransom.CryptXXX (WannaCry) began spreading widely impacting a large number of organizations around the world and particularly in Europe. Rest assured that the Foremost Media team works endlessly to perform regular maintenance and updates- including regular windows updates that help prevent our systems from being infected and this attack has NOT effected the Foremost Media hosting network. Due to the severity of the exploit, an update we highly recommend that you review your systems especially if your running software on your PC's is past it's life-cycle (like Windows XP.) If you are unsure if you are patched we strongly recommend you contact your IT support team. You can also verify that you have received the update here https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/security/ms17-010.aspx. If you have yet to install the Microsoft fix—MS17-010— you should do so immediately. In addition to the patch mentioned above please ...

Posted in: News by Tony Reynolds on May 15, 2017

Foremost Media Online Marketing Specialist Wins First Ever UW-Whitewater Award

Janesville, Wis.  – The University of Wisconsin - Whitewater Communication Department held an award ceremony on Sunday, April 23, 2017 to recognize Award of Excellence recipients.  The department awarded its first ever “Excellence Award for Non-Traditional Students” to Rose Stricker, UW-Whitewater senior and online marketing specialist at Foremost Media, Inc. in Janesville. The “Excellence Award for Non-Traditional Students” was created by the UW-W Communication Department to recognize scholastic achievement of students who return to college after an extended absence.  UW-Whitewater faculty nominated students for the award and Dr. Kathy Brady, Communication Department chair, made the final selection along with Jim Disrude, Communication Department Director of Advising. Brady explained to the audience on Sunday that non-traditional students are valuable assets for UW-W teachers.  Stricker attended Brady’s course in Persuasion.  “Rose brought a wealth of knowledge and experience from her employment to the classroom,” Brady said. Jon Ballard, Foremost Media President, values the work ethic of employees like Stricker ...

Posted in: News by on April 24, 2017

7 Step Plan for Switching Marketing Automation Platforms

Change is never easy, and changing marketing automation systems has the perception of being exceptionally difficult. Still, SiriusDecisions reports that every year nearly 10% of B2B organizations that currently have a marketing automation platform plan to switch to a new vendor. There can be a lot of reasons to switch. Whether it is to save money or because of an integration issue, sometimes the best answer is to cut your losses and change platforms. It is easy to find yourself caught up in the hype of marketing automation to a point where you are lured in to paying over $1,000 a month or more on a platform that doesn’t even fulfill your needs. But, that doesn’t mean you have to continue with that system. Marketing automation has the power to provide a substantial ROI, which is why 79% of the best marketers have already been using marketing automaton for years. However, with hundreds of ...

Posted in: Inbound Marketing, Marketing Automation by Evan Facinger on February 20, 2017

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