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Easy DNN Gallery


Module that handles creating slideshows, image/video galleries on the DNN Platform


  1. Adding/Editing content in galleries
    1. When in Edit Mode, hover the Blue Settings Cog icon and select “Manage Content”.
    2. Open the Category you need to add/edit images in
      Manage Categories Page
    3. Open the Gallery you need to add/edit images in. Note that you can Edit a gallery (Name and Description) or completely Delete a Gallery at this point as well. If needed you can change the order the categories appear in if they are used in your photo gallery.
      Manage Galleries Page
    4. Once the Gallery is open, you can add/edit images inside the Gallery.
      Edit Actions
      You can open an existing image, delete, and move/copy images from the Action menu. You can modify Position when you have more than 1 image in the Gallery. Edit position with the number field or arrows. When complete, click the green save positions button. In the approved column, you can click Unapprove to remove an image from showing on the front end without having to delete the image.
    5. When adding images, you can opt for single, multiple, zipped (using a zip file of multiple images), or from server (using images already uploaded to your site in the images folder or another folder).
      1. Select your file(s)
      2. Add Image Title if needed
      3. Add Subtitle if needed for the layout used on your site
      4. Add Description if needed for the layout used on your site
      5. If you’re uploading larger images over 1000 or so pixels wide, you may wish to Resize image to promote faster download times
        Image Uploading Panel
    6. When completed with adding/editing images, click “back to manage galleries” or Exit as needed.
      Back to Manage Galleries button
  2. Modifying the Gallery Settings
    1. When in Edit Mode, hover the Blue Settings Cog icon and select “Gallery Settings”.
    2. Modify the category and gallery settings as needed
      Manage Settings Panel
    3. Note: There are other settings available in this area, but choosing to modify them will affect how your gallery is displayed and may disrupt proper display of the content as set up during development of your site.