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Live Accordion


Module that provides accordion functionality for content on the DNN Platform

  1. Editing existing accordion pane
    1. When in Edit Mode, click the icon/link manage-panes.
    2. The click the edit icon(pencil) on the accordion pane you wish to edit
    3. multiple-panes
    4. Edit the HTML content in the editor
    5. rich-text-editor
    6. If you need to edit the name of the accordion pane, click the tab “Settings” next to the tab “Content” and update the pane name. This tab also contains the HTML Pane Header which may be in use. If you see content listed on an accordion module that is not in the HTML editor as shown above. Check this location next.
    7. Editing modules inserted into an accordion pane
      1. Modules can be placed inside an accordion pane. See below for settings location
      2. To edit a module inside an accordion pane, go to said pane and then click on the controls (black icons in upper right) for that module.
    8. Once edits are made, click the update pane button. This should be clicked prior to editing another pane. If you change to another pane before saving, the change made will not be saved.
  2. Adding a new accordion pane
    1. Repeat step 1a
    2. Enter Pane Name and click ‘Add Pane’ button
    3. single-pane
    4. Proceed to add the content to pane via the HTML editor and/or add a module to the pane via the Modules setting.
    5. To add a module to a pane, click the Modules option on the right sidebar menu, select the module from the dropdown “Modules” and click ‘Add Module’. Once added, the module should appear in the Selected modules list. Use the green arrows to position the order of the modules. Use the trash can icon to delete a module once it’s been added.
    6. module-highlighted
    7. Once all info is added, click the update pane button and then the back button to go back to the front end view.