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Live Blog


Module that provides blog functionality on the DNN Platform

  1. Editing blog posts
    1. When in Edit Mode, click the icon/link manage-blog.
    2. The Dashboard tab houses the statistics, lists any draft posts for easy access and if comments are enabled, displays pending comments waiting for approval.
    3. posts-dashboard
    5. The Posts tab list posts (all, published, draft and scheduled). posts-tab
      1. If you need to edit an existing point, click the pencil icon next to the created date on the post you need to edit. The ‘x’ icon is the delete option. You can update that content as needed and then save the changes.
    7. The Comments tab would display comments if they are enabled. We typically disable comments unless requested because they do need moderation to prevent spam comments from being posted.
    9. Author provides the opportunity to add an about message. This is visible if the Author name is listed on the posts. Often that is removed from the template if multiple people are adding posts and individual names are not desired.
    11. The Settings tab contains the blog name and description. This is typically configured when the blog module is added and does not need editing after that.
  2. Adding a new blog post
    1. Follow Step 1a
    2. Click the Link write-new-post
    3. Then fill out the post details:
      post-title upload-photo
      1. Note: the slug is auto-filled using the title with hyphens replacing the spaces unless you fill it in to shorten it, etc.
      2. Tags should be comma separated
      3. Categories can be added using the field and link add-category. Use the checkboxes to select existing categories.
      4. Once all info is completed, you can choose the Publish setting. The options are Save as Draft (keeps post as a draft), Now(publishes immediately) and Later (provides date and time fields to select a future date/time the post will automatically get published).