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Live Campaign


Module that provides subscription management for the Live Blog module and outgoing email messaging to the lists contained in the module.

  1. Go to the Live Campaign Admin page
  2. campaigns-dashboard
  3. To create a new campaign:
    1. Click Create Campaign
    2. Add name for campaign, subject line, who from and replies information and click next
    3. campaign-details
    4. Add content with editor
    5. Select recipients (lists) and delivery options
    6. Save as draft or publish as needed
  4. To create a new automation:
    1. Navigate to Automation tab
    2. Click New Automation
    3. Name the Workflow, select list and select automation trigger (ex. When someone joins a list)
    4. Click Create
  5. To manage lists and subscribers:
    1. Click List and Subscribers tab
    2. Click “Create a New List” to make a new list
      1. Add Name Description and List type (Auto Import is optional)
      2. Click Create
    3. Click Edit (pencil icon) if you need to manage an existing list
      1. Navigate to subscriber to edit or delete them
      2. Manually add a subscriber using Add Subscribers button in upper right
    4. You can also view/manage Blocked and Bounced subscribers from this screen