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News Articles


The News Articles module allows for posting and managing news articles.

  1. To edit an existing article:
    1. When logged in and in edit mode, click the pencil-paper icon ( pencil-writing ) next to the article title
    2. Modify the title, body content, summary, etc as needed
    3. At the bottom of the editable content, in the “Action” section, click “Update”
  2. To add a new article:
    1. On the News page, click “Create Article” in the module menu at page top (or sometimes at the bottom depending on customizations to the template)
    2. Add the title, body content, summary, category(if used), meta information(SEO info such as title and description), etc as needed depending on what elements your site is using
    3. Choose whether to set a publish and/or expiry date and time, make the article a featured article or change the author
    4. publish-scheduling
    5. Update the Status as needed (save as draft or publish)
    6. article-status
  3. To delete an article:
    1. Open the article’s settings via the edit icon ( pencil-writing ) next to the article title.
    2. Scroll to the bottom of the information and select “Delete”
      1. Note: Do NOT select the gear icon(module settings) and choose Delete. It will delete the whole news module and move the news module to the recycle bin rather than just deleting one article