Google Broad Core Update March 2023

Google Rolls Out March 2023 Broad Core Update

Google started rolling out its first broad core update for 2023, and it’s causing quite a stir. As often occurs, URLs can see some pretty big changes when it comes to SEO rankings and tracking.

If the current SEO volatility has you nervous, keep in mind that it can take upwards of two weeks for the March 2023 broad core update to roll out completely. What you’re seeing today won’t necessarily align with how things shake out once the dust settles, so don’t worry about storming the proverbial castle just yet.

Core Updates Occur Regularly

Several times a year—every four to six months, based on past trends—Google makes changes to its search algorithms and systems through what it refers to as broad core updates. The intent is to improve how content is assessed.

This can, and does, affect how certain pages rank in search results. Some show improvement while others see a dropoff in traffic. Google’s core updates are a reassessment of available content that can promote under-ranked pages and adjust over-ranked pages. With new content being published regularly, some pages that were considered top resources for years eventually become outdated as newer, better content is made available. Similarly, previously published content may be updated and become more relevant.

There’s a logic behind this reasoning, and Google’s mission of providing searchers with helpful and reliable results is undeniably positive. But these broad core updates almost always require a shift in thinking and new strategies to achieve consistently high page rankings.

Lower Traffic, Significant Volatility Reported

The March 2023 broad core update is no exception. Launched on March 15, 2023, it’s a global update targeting all types of content and impacting all regions and languages. Google expects the rollout to take two weeks to complete.

As with previous core updates, its impacts have been felt very quickly. Traffic is up and down and many SEO-focused customers are scrambling to figure out the long-term site impacts. Core updates are affecting Google Discover and other features, as well as feature snippets and more. Most of the traffic tools are showing significant volatility as these updates roll out.

While anecdotal evidence indicates the March 2023 broad core update appears to be affecting black-hat SEO practices more significantly than white-hat SEO, it’s too soon to confirm this as periodic refreshments and updates are still ongoing.

It’s too early to understand the full impact of the March 2023 broad core update at this time. It will take several weeks to complete and we can expect continued volatility during the process. Also, keep in mind that the update is not a penalty; it’s designed to promote or reward great web pages, so continuing to focus on offering fresh, relevant content is the surest way to rank highly in SERPs.

If you have any questions about the latest update or want to optimize your site’s page rankings, reach out to your Foremost Media account manager today.