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Custom Request for Quote Forms
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If your website is doing a great job of getting potential customers to your product pages, consider adding a Request For Quote form to those pages to convert those visitors into sales leads.

Request For Quote forms, or RFQ forms, on manufacturing websites are typically a bit more involved than your standard "Contact Us" forms. They may need to collect specific information about the end-user’s needs, like line speed or voltage or other technical specifications that the manufacturer will need to provide a price quote. In some cases, these form fields may dynamically lead the end-user to other questions based on how they answer.

Foremost Media has years of experience developing simple to very complex product quote forms. Here are a few things we’ve learned along the way:

Only ask for what you need

If an email address is necessary, make it required, but combine fields like First Name and Last Name into a simple Name field. The fewer fields you have, the more likely you are to get form files and leads.

Include a general comments box

Your customers’ needs don’t always fit an exact specification. Give them the opportunity to just explain what they are looking for with out having to fill out every field on your form.

Step them through the process

As we mentioned in point No. 1 above, the more daunting the form looks the less likely they are to be filled out. Start with some simple fields like “email” and “tell us about your project” and add a “next” button to give them the option to provide additional details. This approach will get you more form fills and engagement.

Allow them to upload a document

If your products are very technical in nature, or if adding supporting documentation would help you quote the project, consider allowing them to upload such a document with their quote request.

Test your calls to action, find the right call to action for you. 

Your prospects might just respond better to “Request pricing” or “Get a free quote." Testing your calls to action and form fields can make a huge difference in your conversion rates and bottom line. See a recent presentation on how changing a button color made a massive impact on our bottom line over the course of a year.

A “Request For Quote” form can help you generate great quality leads from your website, but it’s important to give careful consideration to how that form is built.

We have extensive experience in developing website tools for manufacturers would love to put our experience to work for you and help you build a call to action that generates results for your company.