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Trade Show Marketing

There are plenty of great reasons for manufacturers to attend trade shows. You’ll raise brand awareness, cultivate business relationships through networking, generate targeted leads, get the inside scoop on your competitors, and learn more about your industry.

As valuable as they are, trade shows require a lot of planning and hard work. A successful trade show requires a multi-tiered approach that you might not have the time or manpower for. That’s where we come in! Foremost Media has created a Trade Show Package designed to take much of the work off your plate so you can concentrate on the show itself.

Heading To A Trade Show?  Take Us With You!

Foremost Media excels in delivering an all-encompassing trade show marketing experience, ensuring our clients stand out and achieve maximum ROI from their investments. Our commitment extends beyond pre-show marketing, in-show promotions, and post-show follow-up; our employees are a constant presence at numerous manufacturing trade shows each year. Engaging in live social media broadcasts, coordinating media interviews, orchestrating video productions such as product demos and attendee interviews, and planning memorable after-show parties and entertainment, we provide a full-spectrum service. This multifaceted and hands-on approach guarantees that our clients not only have a dynamic presence at trade shows but also leverage our expertise to maximize their visibility and impact throughout these crucial industry events.

Tools for a Successful Trade Show

When you sign up for our Trade Show Package, our account managers will utilize proven tools and strategies to help you succeed. You can choose as many tools as you’d like; with à la carte pricing, you’ll select the exact services that you believe will make your trade show a success, whether that’s one or two, or all of them!

Email Campaign

We’ll create an email campaign to send to your existing marketing lists letting them know you’ll be at a particular trade show. The three-part automated campaign includes an announcement, reminder, and follow-up. Engagement alerts will provide us with data to generate reports letting you know how well your emails performed.

Landing pages

Landing page

Your website is a great tool for promoting trade shows. We’ll build a dedicated landing page and create content for the shows you are attending. Reporting will provide you with the data you need and allow us to make adjustments to increase traffic.


Geofencing is a great way to get trade show attendees to stop by your booth. We’ll create a virtual parameter around the trade show location and deliver custom designed ads to devices that enter the area. Campaign reviews, pace checks, and reporting are included.

Slider Images

Homepage Slider

To ensure all website visitors are aware of your trade show, we’ll create a homepage slider image with links to your landing page or blog article. It’s a great way to promote related products and services, too.

Organic Social Media

Organic social media posts are an invaluable way to let your followers know you’re attending a trade show. We’ll draft posts promoting your landing page and blog article (see below) and showcasing the products you’ll have available at each show. Social media posts will be scheduled to coincide on and around key trade show dates and reporting will help us fine-tune messaging.

Social Media

Paid social media

While organic social media posts are a great way to reach followers, paid posts take that a step further by advertising your trade show presence to others in the industry and area. We’ll draft and design ads promoting your landing page and blog article and showcasing your products. Paid social media posts will be scheduled to run before and during your trade show. Reporting is included.

Blog article

Search volume traffic increases in the time leading up to the trade show, and participating clients may have backlinks on the trade show website. We’ll take advantage by creating and publishing a blog article that provides information about your upcoming trade show appearance and any additional content you’d like included. The article will contain an outbound link to the show and internal links to your landing page and related products or product categories.

SEO Word Cloud

SEO Keyword Targeting

We’ll do in-depth keyword research to find the relevant trade show search terms most likely to bring visitors to your website and increase awareness of your upcoming show.