60 Second Hacks to Grow Your Business: Increase LinkedIn Post Engagement

In today’s 60 second hack to grow your business, we are going to show you how you can get more engagement on your LinkedIn posts!

LinkedIn’s algorithm wants to show content that people find interesting. That means it is tracking likes and comments on posts. The more likes and comments a post gets, the more likely LinkedIn’s algorithm will display the post to more people.

You can simulate this by taking the post URL and sharing it with your coworkers, friends, or basically anyone who loves you and will engage with your content.

You can find your post URL by clicking the three dots on the post and selecting “Copy Link to Post.” Now take this URL and send it everyone you know, whether that’s via email, Slack, or whatever else you use for communication.

You can also select the three dots and choose to “Notify Employees of Post” to let your coworkers know there is a post within their notification updates, but keep in mind you can only do this once every 7 days.

The faster you do this after you post, the more likely this tactic will extend your post’s reach.

That’s it!