In today's 60 second hack to grow your business, we'll show you how to optimize your Google Ad campaign by Ad Schedule.

Optimizing your campaign based on Ad Schedule is quick and easy to do.

First you will want to set a big date range. In this case, I chose a 360 day period, but I recommend at least 30 days worth of data.

The quick and easy way to see this data is to click on the campaign you want to analyze in Google Ads in the far left column. Then, click “Ad Schedule” in the light gray column. From here, you can see that Thursday was the best day to run ads based on conversions. Based on this information, we might want to increase our budget during the week and lower it on weekends. This helps you optimize your account to get more conversions for the same budget because you are using your budget more efficiently.

What are my next Steps?

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