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7 Ways To Optimize Your Link Building And SEO With Twitter

We all know how important links are, especially for commercial websites. The problem is, sometimes we overlook the most obvious places to get them.

Twitter is an incredibly huge platform full of people who share in the same interests. Which means, it is an excellent opportunity for quality link building! Here are the top 7 ways to utilize Twitter for SEO to strengthen your backlink profile.

1) Take advantage of obvious connections.

Twitter makes it easy to find industry leaders and influencers in any market. The key is to observe these people and pay attention to the content they share. Tweet at them and begin to build a conversation. Over time, this turns into a connection and before you know it, a link back to your site! Acquiring links happens by making friends or making news. Utilize current relationships to build quick links and discover who your competitors are.

2) Draw them in with content.

Build a list of connections and create a community or area that you want to target on Twitter. Research their sites and the people following them. Once you feel you have a true understanding of their niche, create very specific content and tweet to them. An eBook or whitepaper would be a great example of this. Ask these connections for any advice or recommendations. Just think, better content means better links.

3) Develop a strong connection.

Once you have made a connection with your target audience, (you follow them and they follow you, you are tweeting and re-tweeting), try to be helpful. When they post a question, offer your professional advice or offer a recommendation as to where they can find the solution. People remember random acts of kindness.

4) Tell a story.

Spend a little extra time developing a directional piece of content such as a series. Include quotes from industry leaders. People involved or included will want to share and link. Create content that people will want to read and will gravitate to. This is a situation where name-dropping is totally acceptable and tagging is even better. Then spend time tweeting, retweeting and responding to comments. Interact with as many people as you can. The stronger your connection, the easier it is to ask them to share your link.

5) Make recommendations.

In order to do this, you must first have developed relationships. Once you have, look for interesting content regarding a topic pertaining to them they may have missed and suggest it to them. Not only does this build your credibility but it also creates an opportunity for relationship building and you guessed it, requesting a link.

6) Build up content.

Build up great content to answer a question. Create "Best of" lists, or "Top 10 Recommendations," include blogs, videos, whitepapers, etc. Offer this helpful information to connections to drive links and engage in conversations.

7) "Kill them with kindness."

Who doesn't love a compliment? Companies and people alike love hearing positive reviews. Write a testimonial or review about a particular company or product, then tweet at them and let them know it exists. Or send a tweet letting a company know if they would ever like a testimonial you would be happy to write one. This most likely will end in them following you or your testimonial will go on their site and you get a link.