Tips to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out

9 Ways To Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out

Here are nine simple ways to help your linkedin profile stand out and make connections. LinkedIn is a powerful resource for professions and has regular engagement. According to recent statistics, 16.2% of LinkedIn users access the application daily, while 48.5% do so monthly. It’s used by business professionals, looking to network, engage with industry leaders and explore professional growth opportunities. Here are nine useful tips guaranteed to help increase your personal or business’ LinkedIn visibility and increase your chances to connect with the right people at the right time.

Use Keywords in Your Headline

Like all search platforms, LinkedIn relies on an algorithm to present the best and most relevant results to users. If someone is searching for a “Digital Marketing Specialist,” I want my name to appear in that search.

Adding keywords about tasks related to your title or business in your headline will increase the odds you’ll show up in a targeted search.

For example, in my role as a Digital Marketing Specialist, my duties include SEO, marketing data analysis, and digital marketing strategy. Instead of having my headline read “Digital Marketing Specialist,” I would make it the following:

Digital Marketing Specialist | SEO | Digital Marketing Strategy | Marketing Data Analysis

You will also want to make sure your target keywords are found in your job description. The more often your keywords appear on your profile, the better chances you have of the algorithm working in your favor!

Utilize the ‘Featured’ Section

Your LinkedIn profile includes a “Featured” section that allows you to showcase a variety of industry-related materials to potential employers and clients. Take advantage of this section by featuring the following items:

  • Your resume
  • Company website
  • Company contact page
  • Featured work (blogs, case studies, etc.).
  • Recent company news

Displaying featured content on your profile isn’t just a great way to showcase your skills; having your company and contact information available can drive traffic to your site and generate leads. The featured content section is one of the most under-utilized elements on a LinkedIn profile, so make yours stand out!

Remain Active & Engaged

LinkedIn values users who are sharing relevant insights and ranks users and content higher in its search results based on how actively a user posts, connects, and engages. If you are looking to get your content shared to the highest number of people possible, it’s important to understand that LinkedIn reviews content based on four filters:

  • Quality. A post that provides relevant content will perform better than a post that appears to be spam. Writing posts about your area of expertise and trending topics, and providing information that may help a user meet their goals, are a few good topic ideas to get you started.
  • Engagement. LinkedIn reviews how users are interacting with your post and determines the post’s quality through engagement metrics such as likes, shares, and comments. Sharing your posts with coworkers or LinkedIn groups can help improve engagement numbers.
  • Credibility. The more consistently you post on your LinkedIn profile, the more LinkedIn will view you as credible. Credibility boosts your odds of being recommended to others in your industry and can create valuable connections.
  • Human Editors. To ensure LinkedIn remains a useful resource, human editors go through posts and profiles to assess whether content is worth sharing to the LinkedIn community.

Customized URL

You can create a custom URL for your LinkedIn profile. The URL can be between 3-100 characters and should reaffirm your name, public image, or brand. A custom URL makes it easier for LinkedIn members to find and connect with you and helps with networking and job seeking. Custom URLs are available on a first come first serve basis, so get yours today. (John Smith, you’re already out of luck.)


If you have a skill that is in demand, promote it on LinkedIn. This is a great way to showcase your abilities to members, employers, and recruiters. LinkedIn allows you to add a maximum of 50 skills. You can also customize the order in which the skills are listed. Recruiters and industry professionals use the skills listed on LinkedIn profiles to access ability and experience. Recruiters search LinkedIn for candidates. They will query specific skills and keywords. If you don't have the right skills listed, you can get passed over. If you don’t have any skills listed, you won’t show up in searches at all.

Once you have skills, connections can endorse your skills to further strengthen your profile.

Get Recommendations

Recommendations are similar to skill endorsements; however, they are more akin to a professional recommendation than something attached to a specific ability. You can request recommendations from 1st-degree connections. You will be notified when you receive a recommendation. You don’t have to request a recommendation to receive one. Connections can proactively send you a recommendation. However, you have to accept the recommendation in order for it to display on your profile.

Join and Participate in Groups

Following and participating in LinkedIn groups is a great way to meet leaders in your industry, network with colleagues, and stay on top of the latest trends and developments. To get the most out of a LinkedIn group, you need to contribute and let your insight, skills, and knowledge shine. Remember, LinkedIn groups are about progressing a conversation. Avoid self-promotion and spam.

Following Influencers/Companies and Engaging With Them

Many industry titans, role models, and influencers are accessible on LinkedIn. Follow them to see what they are posting and learn about any online events they may have. Comment on their posts or reply to other followers' comments.

Viewing Profiles to Get Them to View Back

You have probably received notifications that someone has viewed your profile on LinkedIn. Well, use this to your advantage. Do you want to get someone’s attention? View their profile and let them know they’re on your radar. Maybe they’ll view you back.

LinkedIn is a powerful networking platform and most people are only scratching the surface.

LinkedIn has over 900 million users worldwide. According to 2023 stats, three new members sign up on LinkedIn every second looking to make lasting connections with industry professionals. Start building your professional network by using these tips to get noticed!

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