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Business Description returns to Google

It’s back!

Two years ago, Google decided to drop the ability for businesses to edit the business description field in its Google My Business listings. Well, you actually could edit it, but it was such a complicated series of steps that many business owners just didn’t bother.

Now it’s “Description From the Business”

This is a great addition to the SEO ranking portfolio that businesses can take advantage of – and if you aren’t taking advantage of your opportunities, the ranking-savvy staff at Foremost Media is standing by to help you out.

But back to the description – the new description block will show up on business listings when your business appears in a Google search. This is different than the Google block of editorial copy that shows up as a summary at the top of the knowledge panels and the map listing, so it’s a new opportunity.

And it’s important to note that by conservative estimates, Google has more than 70% of the search engine market so you want to get on this. It’s a tool to help businesses updater their search engine rankings. Studies show the average consumer prefers Google and trusts it. Take advantage of that.

How to add

You can add the business description on the Google My Business dashboard, as a spreadsheet upload or with an application programming interface. In the “Info” section of the Google My Business dashboard you will see the option to add a business description.

ex 1. Go to Google My Business Dashboard.


ex 2. Scroll down to "Add Business Description."


Follow the guidelines

What you put in the business description block should highlight things that make people want to use your business or buy your products. You can also provide a mission statement and a little bit of history. If you were the first local business to offer, let’s say, purple widgets at a comfortable price, that’s a good thing to put in the business description.

But be honest – don’t resort to overblown hyperbole or ridiculous claims that you think will help bring people to your business. That’s liable to get you reported to Google and you don’t want to deal with complaints.

Be honest – don’t say we “always” do something when you “usually try” to do something. For instance, don’t say we always return your phone calls or service requests in five minutes if its usually five minutes but more likely 15 to 20.

Don’t be a bully and knock another business as a way to promote your own and do be careful to use correct grammar and to spell things correctly. A word about that last bit of advice, the reason why is because the average person is going to read it and think, “Well, if they can’t spell whatever right – how will they take care of me?” Don’t focus on a specific promotion that is lasts a finite amount of time or on specific sale prices. Don’t use distracting or gimmicky content. It may be trendy now, but in a week, it may just be annoying. You can’t put a website link, or a link to a product page or a url in the description block, nor can you use HTML code.

The usual no-noes apply – no profanity, no obscene material, nothing that encourages violence or hate activities, nothing sexually explicit or sexually exploitative and no dangerous or illegal products.

The specifics

You get 750 characters and that includes spaces. There is a word counter on the description block so you can see how you are doing as you are typing. Try to take advantage of the whole area, but don’t repeat the same block of 200 characters twice – consumers will think something is off and that certainly won’t fool the search engines.

The description you use will take about three days to be reviewed before you see it on your page. Any changes you make will also take about three days before they go up. That three-day review window is why it's important to not list a limited price or a product you have a small quantity of.

Foremost Media associates are available to help with this or any campaigns to help you boost your SEO rankings. We’re just a phone call away!