Virtual meetings are the new normal. And while there isn't anything fun about the reason for this, it doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun while we are all adapting to the standardization of virtual meetings. 

To help, our design team had a good time coming up with Zoom backgrounds you can download and use for free. 

Choose your virtual living conditions

Want to look like you’re in Don Draper’s office? What marketing company wouldn't love that?  Download this Mad Men style Zoom background. 

mad men zoom background


Is your office extravagant and you are afraid your coworkers and customers will be jealous? No problem! Download this basement dungeon office, and you can guarantee that no one will be jealous. Full disclosure, this is someone’s home office at Foremost. Feel free to tweet us to guess who it is. 

ugly basement zoom background


Are you not sure how a meeting will go and want a quick out? Download the same basement background with preinstalled tiling. That way, you can blame it on connection issues and quickly drop out of the meeting whenever you want! 

tiled zoom background


Who would have ever thought you would miss meetings in actual conference rooms? Sure, you can use one of the many other Zoom backgrounds of fancy executive conference rooms. Or you can hang out with our team while they wear their protective masks. 

meeting zoom


You can even reminisce about the times you used to be able to go out to eat. We had a Dive Bar Friday tradition at Foremost, where we would frequent some unique (and mostly delicious) establishments every Friday for lunch. We usually give out T-shirts to the brave few willing to join us, but now you can be there in spirit with a Certified Dive Bar Friday zoom background. 

dive bar zoom background 

More Backgrounds Our Team Made For Fun


gas mask zoom background


word cloud zoom background


How Do You Change Your Zoom Background?

It’s easier than you think! Simply open the Zoom app, click the arrow next to the camera, and select the virtual background option. 


how to set zoom virtual background

Then you will look as cool as us when we chat with our friends.


Evan on zoom


Want us to create a Zoom background for you? Just let us know, and we can help!


What are my next Steps?

Zoom backgrounds are fun, but if you don't have enough leads coming in to schedule meetings then we should chat about how the services we offer can help.

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