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[Infographic] Where to Look For Your Target Market

Today, most of us are aware of the growing role that Social Media plays in bringing brands and customers closer together. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, online marketing is yet another contender in the battle for your customer's attention. Even if you have a Social Media strategy in place to try to reach your target market, it can still be especially difficult for B2B businesses to know where to start on Social Media. But as Mitch Joel, President of Mirum, wisely points out, "on the internet, you have to be where the customer is". So how can you know where your customers are? (After all, the internet is usually anything but straightforward). By taking a look at our handy new infographic, that's how!


Aptly named, "Where to Look for Your Target Market", it shows which age groups, genders, and industries use sites such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter the most. According to the infographic, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are the top three social media sites for B2B businesses, whereas Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter are ideal for B2C businesses. Instagram is great for reaching customers within the 18-24 and 30-49 age groups, but the 50+ age group prefers Pinterest instead. LinkedIn and Twitter are also better for targeting the male demographic, while Pinterest and Instagram great for a female target audience. Despite the varying usage percentages, Facebook is the most used Social Media site in each of the categories shown on the infographic.

With this knowledge, you can determine which sites are best suited for reaching your niche or mass audience. This, in turn, allows you to build a direct relationship with your customers and boost your chances of customers engaging with your brand. And just when you thought we couldn't make it any easier on you marketers out there, we've also included a checklist of 9 Tips to Get Started with Social Media. Which offers great direction for developing and implementing a Social Media strategy for your business.