Why Your Manufacturing Brand Should be on Amazon

Amazon is disrupting the way consumers make purchases. Millions of people are going to Amazon first every day to purchase products. The convenience of searching for anything whenever you want is unbeatable. Amazon and shopping events like Amazon Prime Day provide opportunities to increase brand awareness, increase global exposure, and increase revenue.

The thought of bringing your manufacturing brand to Amazon can be a slippery slope. We get it; there are so many things to consider. Though the convenience that Amazon provides isn’t going anywhere. Let’s discuss the rising phenomenon called the 'Amazon Effect.' The Amazon Effect describes the overall impact the marketplace has on traditional strategies. Amazon’s efficient shopping experience makes it difficult for other platforms to compete. In fact, by 2021 over 40% of Americans will purchase products from Amazon every single month (HubSpot).

If you’re a manufacturing brand that sells online, Amazon is a beneficial play to defend your brand, outsmart competitors, and most importantly increase revenue.

One of the first things you should think about is your strategy on how you will defend and protect your brand on Amazon. Anyone has the capabilities to sell on Amazon, so the last thing you want is someone else damaging your brand’s reputation. Without Brand Registry, it is very difficult to have control over your brands. No matter who is selling your products, consumers will place recognition on the brand name.

By registering your brand with Brand Registry, you will have control over your products sold on Amazon. What will you do when someone purchases one of your products on Amazon based on inaccurate product photos? Well, you could open a case with Amazon to resolve this issue, but that won’t stop it from potentially happening again, or you can let Brand Registry take care of the heavy lifting. The added benefits give your brand protection over other sellers and how they represent your brand. Your brand is represented all over the protect detail page. Give consumers the highest value through accurate imagery and descriptions to increase your credibility.

On top of defending your brand, Brand Registry protects you as an advertiser on Amazon. You have options when advertising. You can advertise specific products or showcase your entire brand. Taking control over your brand grants you information from Brand Registry around ads that include your trademark. You will be able to easily uncover false product claims and misrepresentations.

Another fun (or sneaky) thing you can do with Amazon advertising is to outsmart your competitors. Try searching for your brand and products and see what comes up. Oftentimes, you will find your competitors’ ads will be over the search results which means they are bidding on your brand to increase their visibility. We suggest taking note on whether or not those ads are even relevant or pose potential negatives to your advertisements. To help with this, you can do the same for your competitors, along with creating a branded campaign bidding on your terms. Bidding on your brand name gives a better chance for your products to appear first. Certain categories are more competitive and take more time to appear organically. This is just another area of opportunity to bid on branded terms through a Sponsored Brand campaign, which Brand Registry unlocks.

An advertising approach that is less time invasive is the automatic campaign approach. This option is great for research purposes. It helps uncover new keywords, to target both positively and negatively, that Amazon considers relevant to your product. Alternatively, there’s plenty of ways you can discover hidden keyword opportunities without spending advertising dollars. Performing reverse ASIN lookups will show you keywords in your competitor’s product listings.

The number of product lines and variations can seem overwhelming in the manufacturing and industrial industries. Dial-in by starting with your best selling products and by correcting listings that represent your brand from other sellers. It takes patience to see results on Amazon. Having a clear plan of attack will make your success that much more obvious.

Use Amazon as a resource to elevate your e-Commerce goals.