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Website Design for Manufacturing Companies

The best manufacturing website designs and marketing strategies impact the bottom line by driving traffic and increasing lead conversion. Your website is a clear statement of your business' manufacturing capabilities.

Websites for manufacturers need to do more than just look pretty. Essential elements for an effective manufacturer website design include:

  • Tools to manage your product and parts catalogs
  • Photo and video galleries to showcase your work
  • Industrial distributor directories
  • Document management for product catalogs, SDS and other manuals.
  • Fast and optimized for search engines
  • ERP and CRM Integration

Make sure your redesign takes everything you need into consideration.

Manufacturing Websites

Your Website Design Should Stand Out!

There’s been a lot of changes in web design for industrial and manufacturing companies over the years. We’ve been designing and developing websites since 2001, so we’ve seen it all. From standard brochure-type websites to full-fledged ecommerce platforms with custom configurators, manufacturing websites continue to evolve. Tracking and monitoring changes in your industry and competition can help you not fall behind. But sometimes you need to take a step out in front to grow your business and be the industry leader.

Your first step should be to understand what your business wants to accomplish online. The right agency can show you how to get there.

Manufacturers Need More than Just Design

With a manufacturer's website, some things aren't apparent at first glance. However, they significantly impact useability, function, and how high your site will rank in the  Search Engine Results Pages. Don't risk your job and career on a website that doesn't perform.

Top Website Designs in Manufacturing of 2021

Industrial Manufacturing Websites screenshots

Your new website is going to look great. That’s a given. What separates us from other web developers is we don’t just deliver good looking websites. We deliver websites that produce the results you need with a heavy focus on the overall Return on Investment (ROI).

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Manufacturing Websites Since 2001

You need an agency that understands the complexities of the manufacturing industry. Our primary focus is on creating websites for the industrial and manufacturing markets. Our 32 person, US-based team of website developers, designers, and marketers, have extensive experience working with a wide variety of industrial and B2B manufacturers. Hundreds upon hundreds of websites have been designed, developed, and deployed since we began in 2001.

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Your Web Designer Should Know Manufacturers!

The manufacturing industry is different than selling $5 widgets to consumers. It's hard for your website to produce the results you need if the people building it don't understand your world. Whether your primary focus is getting leads or selling directly to your distributors, attracting employees, getting leads for your salespeople, SDS portals, and everything in between. You need to choose someone that speaks the language and can add value to the strategy discussion. That's why even though every business is different, having worked with hundreds of manufacturing companies set us apart.

Advanced Manufacturing Solutions

The days of static brochure style websites are over and have been for years. Visitors to your website will expect it to be full-service. If it isn't, they'll go elsewhere. Whether you need a complete configurator for someone to build your product, or a seamless ERP integration to save your company time, the website must be able to handle it. Below are some of the most popular solutions we've developed for manufacturing companies.

CRM and ERP Integrations

Your website shouldn't exist on its own island, causing you even more headaches. Instead, tie it directly with the CRM and ERP software that is already running your business. Make sure to choose a web development company with an in-house backend development team. If you need help, the Foremost Media team has integrated dozens of ERPs and CRMs to websites and can help you scope out your project.

Mobile Friendliness

Modern websites need to look great on every size screen, whether it is a tablet, phone, or desktop computer. A responsive website is not only a ranking factor, but as of 2019, Google began using mobile-first indexing. Google also announced starting in March 2021, they will only crawl the mobile version of websites. This means Google is crawling and indexing your web page based entirely on how it renders on a mobile device.

Marketing Repositories

A marketing repository can be a valuable addition to your website. If you find yourself sending logo files and marketing collateral to your distribution network or sales team, then your next website should include a repository. This will allow your team to download high-resolution marketing materials and product logos without setting up an FTP account. Security and permissions are all configurable to make sure only the visitors you want to have access are able to view your files. Find out more about Marketing Repositories

Distributor Locator Tools

A database or locator tool of retail locations or distributors on your website can help eliminate phone calls increase sales from your dealers and distributors. We have developed all types of store and distributor locator tools. We can either create a custom solution for you or modify one we already have. See Our Distributor Locator Tools

CTAs and Lead Generation

Strategically worded and placed call-to-actions (CTAs) will help you generate more leads from your website. Leads such as RFQ submissions, newsletter sign-ups, phone calls, purchases, or anything else that pushes visitors to take the next step and give us their contact information. It's a blend of art and science that we have spent years studying to ensure your website gives you the ROI you need.

Online Warranty Registration Software

If you're still collecting warranty information through the mail, there is a better way. Let us help you set up an online warranty registration system. These systems can be as simple as collecting basic information and providing it to you via email. Or with advanced features like CRM integration and hooks into marketing automation software. This allows you to send follow up messages and upgrade notices to your customers. See Online Warranty Registration Software

Searchable Online Product Catalogs

Do you have an extensive product line? A well-built catalog organizes your products to help your users find the items they're looking for, even when they're not sure what that is. Our product catalogs are easy to navigate, with robust photo display capabilities that can also integrate with your internal systems.

Document Management System

Most manufacturers have an abundance of technical documentation for their products like MSDS sheets, parts drawings, technical bulletins and more. Managing these documents on a large website can be a complex task. An online document management system can make that task much more manageable. This online software organizes documents in a simple folder structure with advanced searching, document management tasks like revision control, access control and much more. Check out the Document Management Solution

App Development For Manufacturers

Apps aren't for focused consumer businesses. Manufacturers can use apps to engage customers, help the sales team find the information they need while in the field, or even a place for manuals. Let us reduce the communications costs for your manufacturing company with a custom app. Learn about Manufacturing App Development.

Lead Management Tools

The online tool is designed specifically for manufacturing companies that sell through distribution. Our software can automatically route leads from your website directly to your regional sales managers. They can funnel the leads to a specific distributor in their region. However, we don't stop there. Our system also helps your sales team follow up with those leads, ensuring that your distributors are taking advantage of the leads you are sending them. Learn About Lead Management

Manufacturer E-Commerce Solutions

Whether you're a name brand manufacturer looking to sell Direct to Consumer or looking to simplify the online ordering process with your distributors through a secure online ordering portal, we can help. We have extensive experience in both strategizing and building online E-Commerce solutions for manufacturers. We can also help you tie your new storefront software into your back-end ERP and other internal business management systems. E-Commerce Solutions for Manufacturers

Configuration Calculators

Does your product require specific types of set up or configurations to function at maximum efficiency? We can build you a tool to help your customers easily configure or set up your product.

Digital Marketing Solutions For Manufacturing

Our team has decades of experience maximizing online marketing for manufacturers. We have a hands on, holistic approach to creating visibility for your company’s brand and website. Our marketing services are not limited to:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Online Paid Advertising (Google, Bing, LinkedIn, Facebook and others)
  • Marketing Automation for Manufacturers
  • AI Driven Lead Generation
  • Social Media Content Writing and Planning
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
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